64 spades poker

There's also a filtering tool, but it's somewhat limited, and there are only a few criteria that you can filter.
Can I play at 64Spades from my Mac?Overall, the software is better than we would expect from a small development house like Enterra but nowhere near as good as the top internet poker sites.Games and Traffic Report 64Spades Cash Games Like we mentioned before, there are dozens of types of poker offered by 64Spades.If after reading this 64 Spades Review and you have an interest in playing over, we will hook you. .We then proceeded to add the remainder of the cash we intended to deposit to the same address, and it was similarly credited to our balance.Private Communities, these guys definitely have a Private Community presence of which is similar to something you would see on WPN. .Why is the 64Spades bonus not an especially good deal?The tables are split up into those cjla jackpots that allow straddles, those that qualify (allegedly) for the bad beat jackpot, those that permit running it twice, slow tables, et cetera.
Four color deck please?
Low traffic numbers, poor or nonexistent customer support, and a website that seems like it was thrown together in a couple of afternoons combine to paint the picture of a site that, if not outright shady, is definitely poorly managed.
Their web presence and promotions arent exactly the ideal thing you would expect from you average poker sites.
64 Spades Review 64 Spades Review, welcomed to the world of 64 Spades. .
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64Spades representatives were unable to advise players on whether the affected MTTs were paused and would be resumed once the hardware issues were resolved or whether they would be cancelled and buyins refunded.They are actually pretty quick about responding. .This is a niche gaming application provider that sets up white-label sites for customers.We clicked on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the website, and this brought us to a webform.Nothing to fancy pretty much right to the point. .However, the website does state: Certain country restrictions apply.Until credit cards and Venmo return, Bitcoin is the only way to get money on to and off of the site for.S.

Again, we are going to have to ding them for being unprofessional here.
After reading it, however, alarm bells started ringing in our minds.
Despite the healthy size of the maximum possible bonus, it's not really as good as it seems.