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Runescape AutoHotKey Guide, twitter: m/Xelentrs Twitch: /need4speedx4.
AutoHotkey Guide for osrs (extensive version).
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Tutorial Guide on how to implement Auto Hot Keys (AHK) in osrs Auto Hot Key Website: m Link to My Auto Hot Key Scripts.Extremely fast cooking xp/hr, and very cheap too.You can get banned for using them.Note: this is a one to many, slot machines florida 5 reels which is not allowed under osrs rules.However, occasional use such as for pking or pvm will not get.AND NO this IS NOT botting.Handcam, join the Discord /FMu7qE2.Get ahk here!- m Copy this code: 1: click right return 2: mousemove, 0, 35, 1, R return.
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Osrs AHK Script 500k GP/Hour, contact me on Discord : PubgFTW990#1938 OR Using Sythe : legal AHK 3 tick fishing guide.
Construction 300kxp/hr oak larders only AHK 2:Click the nugget casino sparks right 3:Mousemove,0,55,0,R 4:click w:click right e:mousemove,0,73,0,R r:click :suspend.Hope you guys enjoyed this video and leave a like!With the AHK script you can make wines as fast as possible, maximizing your xp/hr.Osrs - 1:1 Herblore AHK Script.I decided to make this video because there are so many misconceptions going around about Mouse Keys.