are bonus rounds on slot machines predetermined

Besides community bonuses, there are also "local bonuses" that are earned by each individual player and played only by that player.
Do you always seem to get the short end of the stick on slot machine bonuses?The values are randomly placed under the boxes and your choice does make a difference and does affect the outcome.Unlucky, or Not Lucky Enough?Changing the reel strips during the bonus can allow the mathematician to control the volatility of the game.Example : Let's say the player has 35 seconds of 1x multipliers in his queue.Usually this doesn't happen, so the player who earned the bonus plays by himself.Overall the average bonus win tokens slot machine for sale 30 mm tends to be much lower than in games that don't have as many free game spins.
After enough tries, it can be rather disappointing.
I can't answer this, because I don't know.
One thing I have no idea about is what happens if a player sits down and starts playing during an ongoing community bonus, which the game will let him.It then starts a 10-second countdown, to give other players a chance to trigger a bonus.It would be unfair if there were two players in a bank of community bonus machines, in which one was betting 1 a minute, and one was betting 10 a minute, if they both had the same expected value in the community bonus.During this type of bonus your pick does matter.We'll keep sharing all our knowledge with you!

Well, the reel strips that are used in the base game are not the same reel strips that are used during the free games, most of the time.
The first type of bonus is where you are able to see what was behind all the items when the bonus is over (called a fair bonus) and the second type is where only your pick is revealed when the bonus is over (called.