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Just concatenate all the assets together in one large blob.
3D 2D, add-Ons, audio, templates, tools, vFX, applications.Quick Look, annOnDesign, sweets Overload.92.14, plus/Pro, quick Look, app Advisory.Write(oneByte /In Android write(byte) calls this method so we don't need to override both @Override public void write(byte buffer, int offset, int count) throws IOException translateBuffer(buffer super.Show More, recommendations, quick Look, raveeCG, gem Jewel Crystal Pack.93.Match 3 - cherry slot machine jackpot videos Pets Sprite Mega Pack.Package Preview, releases current ver.Length;i) bufferi magic_number; private class TranslateOutputStream extends FileOutputStream public TranslateOutputStream(File file) throws FileNotFoundException super(file @Override public void write(int oneByte) throws IOException oneByte magic_number; super.
This would be quick to undo when reading the file but would "corrupt" the ZIP file enough to deter someone just browsing through their SD card.
Supported Unity versions.4.3 or higher, package has been submitted using Unity.4.3.
1.0.0 (current) released Jan 10, 2017, original released Jan 10, 2017.
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As the big blob wouldn't be in a standard format people wouldn't be able to easily extract files from.
You could encrypt the ZIP file with AES but there would an overhead in extracting the assets which might be a problem since performance is usually fairly important when writing a game.All Assets, package contents.3 MB, total file size.3 MB, number of files114.Write(buffer, offset, count private class TranslateInputStream extends FileInputStream public TranslateInputStream(File file) throws FileNotFoundException super(file @Override public int read throws IOException return ad magic_number; /In Android read(byte) calls this method so we don't need to override both @Override public int read(byte buffer, int offset, int count).The index file would then be included in your.apk file allowing to get the data you needed from the big file in your application.So you could write an InputStream and OutputStream yourself to perform some trivial translation on the bytes of the ZIP file.Free, quick Look, bill Vasiliadis, sweet Lollipop Pack (not enough ratings).87, quick Look, raveeCG, candy Jelly - Match 3 Game (not enough ratings).93 Quick Look Reactorcore Games psrc: House Utilities (not enough ratings).93 Quick Look Zuhria A The Castle - Top Down.Follow the Asset Store USD EUR USD EUR.When using it you'd put your stream in between the File and zipinputStream,.g.: File assets new ZipInputStream zip new ZipInputStream(new TranslateInputStream(assets As an example translation, you could just XOR all the bytes with a known value: private static final byte magic_number 13; private void.To be extra sure you could always pad the beginning of the file with some other data - perhaps just some plain text - to make the blob look like something else).As you create the blob write the start and end location of each asset out to an index file.However, as you've said yourself using a secure encryption isn't really worthwhile since if someone's really interested they can find the keys in the source code of your application.I m developing an Android game that has to download some assets to the SD card to keep the size of the app as small as possible.I was thinking of using an uncompressed zip file to bundle all the.A vector game with complete assets.

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" Modular" construction techniques were employed wherever possible.