bingo fuel meaning

Army 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment.
Ocifer (Singapore) A derogatory term for a conscript officer.Army) Vietnam-era shorthand for the PRC-6 radio carried by platoons.Used to describe why a faulty electronic device unexplainably starts working again.Army, German Wehrmacht) Portable, self-contained field kitchen.Navy) Things and people related to the naval aviation community.Army) Small Arms Protective Inserts (sapi) which fit into the Interceptor body armor system.
(bolo all caps) Be On the Look Out boomer.
Pecker Checker: (Canada) Medical Personnel; (U.S.
Stewart, we got issued TA-100.
Officially Field Ration Eating Device or Food Ration Extraction Device (both are acceptable).
After much searching for the DCA, they discover that the DCA is a person, the Damage Controls Assistant (usually a junior officer).
The attention of a distracted, disorganized or incompetent person, usually by applying a 'boot up the ass'.Mirs (U.S.) Multiple Launch Rocket System,.k.a.(Canada) Refers to the fact that untrained privates and officer cadets can't be demoted any further for doing something stupid.Does not generally apply to foreign basing machine de casino in friendly countries during peacetime.Front Leaning Rest (U.S.) Pushup position.Navy, Marines) The deck above you while aboard a ship; Used ashore to refer to the ceiling of a room, as well.Used by seniors to circumvent the regulations on giving unlawful orders,.e., stealing.Army or Air Force) The friendly force, the opposite of the OpFor.Tool used primarily by weapons troops to spin gun systems and uals, as well as open close weapons bay doors.

Stacking Swivel (U.S.) Originally parts of a military-issue rifle (the stacking swivel was located near the muzzle, in front of the forward sling swivel, and was used to hook the rifles together when stacking arms).