11.5 best stock bets for 2018 In the event of a dispute or complaint, all of the relevant details should be cape canaveral casino cruise reviews submitted in writing and should be referred in the first instance to the Customer Services Department of BSF.
And unless the underlying market has been suspended or closed within its normal trading hours, we will undertake best free slot machines poker to make our prices available for our normal market stakes or such larger size as we may determine from time to time.
11.4 No query with regard to trades/orders, alleged trades/orders or conversations/alleged conversations will be entertained unless the client can provide BSF with the time and date of the trade/order, alleged trade/order or conversation/alleged conversation and you agree that the foregoing is fair and reasonable.
6.10 Subject to the rules of its regulator, BSF may in its absolute discretion allow you to run open positions or to open trades notwithstanding that you have not met any Variation Margin payment that is due.BSF reserves the right to levy any bank charges incurred as a result of an electronic transfer to a client account such that settlement is made NET of these charges.4.3 BSF reserves the right to vary buying and selling spreads with or without notice to you especially in, but not limited to, volatile market conditions and/or loss of liquidity of the underlying market.5.24 With the exception of a Guaranteed Stop Loss, orders are only valid in respect of the contract month, week or day for which we accepted the order,.e.When making a determination as to whether a situation amounts to a Manifest Error, BSF will act fairly towards the client and the client must equally not gain any unfair advantage by such Manifest Error.quot;s, which are confirmed in this manner as being no longer valid, are then ineffective and not tradable.BSF may from time to time undertake credit status checks in relation to you as and when it thinks fit.You should therefore notify BSF Compliance Officer immediately if you believe they have not been followed or that there is a conflict which may not have been addressed.
6.7 Variation Margin is immediately payable whether or not demanded and whether or not a Variation Margin Call is made.
You the client may elect to either sell at the lower price"d or buy at the higher price but can only offer to place a trade on a current"d price for the relevant market and expiry date.
Fais Act the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 2002 and any regulations made in terms thereof from time to time.
BlackStone Marketing SA (Proprietary) Limited is an authorised Financial Services Provider under the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act No 37 of 2002 Registration Number FSP38782.
4.6 BSF will rely upon you to request a" for the relevant market on which you wish to place a trade and will only" for the specific market that you request.Such Credit Allocation may be varied from time to time by BSF as referred to in clause.6.Statements of account in respect of any joint account will be sent to the address nominated on the Account Application Form relevant to that joint account or such other address as any joint account holder may request.It should be noted that the price applicable to each tranche could vary considerably.Agent a person authorised to operate an account on behalf of a client as referred to in clause.5.In the case of trades that closed automatically, if the expiry date or the time and date of occurrence of the relevant event:- (a) if an underlying exchange exists:- (i) is not a Business day of that underlying exchange then the relevant trade will.5.4 We believe that the overall cost of dealing with us is of most importance to you.However, we will at no time act as your agent or undertake market transactions for you or on your behalf nor will we be accountable to you in respect of any transaction we have undertaken in the underlying market.

6.4 BSF reserves the right to insist that Variation Margin payments of, or in excess of ZAR100,000 (or foreign currency equivalent) be received by way of telegraphic transfer, debit card, direct debit or any other method of immediate/electronic funds transfer acceptable to BSF.
3.2 When placing a trade, order or giving any other instruction orally over the telephone, you will be required to give your name and account number.
Force Majeure Event any cause which prevents BSF from performing any or all of its obligations hereunder as a result of any act, omission or event which is beyond the reasonable control of BSF.