Hard (Direction) High-G, energy sustaining turn.
Angle of Attack (AOA) The angle between the mean chord line and the relative wind.
ACC Air Component Commander.
Common designs are flowers and animals of the Chinese Zodiac but you can tonybet bonus code 2016 do shapes, letters, numbers, anything Free Alphabet Letters Coloring Pages and Printouts Free Alphabet Letters Crafts Ideas for Kids.Parrot A military IFF transponder.VIC Three groups/contacts/formations with the single closest in range and an element in trail.The leading two groups are attempting to bracket with the trailing third group flying up the middle.Bogey dope A request for bearing and range to bogey and as available, heading, speed, and altitude.Stratfor SAC advisors to Tactical Air Forces (formerly SAC advon).Attack axis An orientation direction usually thought of as an imaginary line passing through the target on some particular headingexample, the range run-in heading.
At its simplest, it is a fun way to encourage memorization, but then you can also move on easily to early counting and simple addition as well.
Tumbleweed Describes one who is "NO JOY, " blind and rapidly losing situation awareness, in a request for directive commentary and orientation.
BVR Beyond Visual Range.Iads Integrated Air Defense System.Number Portrait : Numbers Crafts for Kids - Compose a portrait using the digits 1 to 7 in this numbers-themed art craft.Sight picture Term used to describe the position of the pipper at release.Rockeye (MK 20) CBU with armor-piercing casino affiliate convention capability.Lomez Low Missile Engagement Zone (nato).Chaff/ flare Directive to deploy chaff and / or flares and deselect AB (Situation permitting).Lead turn A turn which is initiated prior to passing the opponents 3/9 line.