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The Hotel Nacional de Cuba as it looks today; it was the site of the infamous 1946 mob summit presided over by capo 'Lucky' Luciano.
La Estacion Central (Terminal de Omnibus) de La seneca niagara casino fireworks 2017 Habana, fue inaugurada el 9 de junio de 1951.
Of Tampa, Florida in 1958 'It's as over-the-top as the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, yet as sleek and sophisticated as the Rat Pack's Sands Hotel was in Las Vegas says Moruzzi.Heladería Coppelia, Vedado, La Habana,.The Hotel Capri was built by Santo Trafficante.George Raft at Casino de Capri.Western Union office in Havana, on Obispo Street, 1952.Built in 1930, this doyenne of Havana hostelries blends Spanish, Moorish, classical, and Art Deco elements in its imposing design.
Lansky and Trafficante were high rankers when it came to drug trafficking back in the.
El Malecon, La Habana,.
Back in Havanna, the members of the.Download file to see next pagesRead More.
Havana casino kingpin Meyer Lansky pictured in 1958, and right, Hollywood actor George Raft who played the role of a gangster in several films was hired to be the genial host at Santo Trafficante's Casino de Capri.
Havana Hilton View of Vedado (Today the Habana Libre Hotel).
1948 Construction of the Cubalse building in Miramar (La Puntilla) 1976 Construccion del edificio de cubalse en age pension work bonus scheme 1976, La Puntilla, Miramar, La Habana 5th Avenue, Miramar, 1950 5ta avenida Miramar, La Habana,.1950 Area around the Presidential Palace, 1957 Area por detras de Palacio Presidencial.
Credit to Sr Carlos Alberto Fleitas for the photo.The last and biggest of the pre-Castro hotel-casinos was the Habana Hilton, visible from almost any vantage point in the city - it was renamed the Habana Libre when Castro entered the city to take control of Cuba.Sierra Maestra Building, Miramar, La Habana 1973 5th Avenue, Miramar, salon Cristal on Prado street, 1957.In fact, if these Havana photos were colorized, you would probably have trouble determining if they were taken yesterday, or a half century ago.Avenida de los Presidentes, La Habana, 1975.Flogar Store Corner Galiano y San Rafael, La Habana,.Mob-controlled casinos materialised in other Havana hotels and several upscale restaurants during this period, including the hotels Deauville and.While the food and drinks may have suffered, the faux Polynesian décor is astounding.'.Carlos Tercero, 1952, avenida Carlos III, La Habana,.'Go there casino queen east st louis before some self-important design consultant takes charge and strips the hotel of its irreplaceable character adds Moruzzi.Entering the hotel's lobby magically transports you without needing to avert your eyes or pretending to ignore historically inappropriate intrusions back to the height of pre-Castro glamour as it once existed in Havana.'Perhaps this won't be the case if it becomes clear that preserving the city's 1950s architectural heritage will ensure the growth of a robust tourist industry for the benefit of all Cubans.'.'Almost all of the fabulous mid-century hotels and restaurants built by the Mob still exist in their original 1950s splendour.'.'Many of us are deeply worried that the midcentury architectural beauty of Havana might be erased if new investment leads to wanton renovation and demolition explained Moruzzi.

Parque Zayas y Palacio Presidencial, La Habana,.