dead space 3 pre order bonus

Dead Space 2 to get the Planet Cracker Plasma Cutter when you reach the first workbench.
There are two types of frames: Compact Elite Frame: Used for one handed and mobile weapons.
Damage Supp: Increases the damage of both you and your partner's weapons.You can stop a Necromorphs charge, even killing it with one hit.Use kinesis to pick up the grenade and throw it back at any soldier to get the "Payback" achievement.Unitologist Circuit Set: Collect all Unitology artifacts.Open the door with kinesis, mgm maryland poker and start up the generator to heat yourself.It has the best atmosphere of the series, with a genuine sense of fear and isolation.
Then, slowly leave the elevator or door's range until the enemies return.
The Librarian (25 points Collect all Logs.
Medic Support: During the "Conning Tower" optional side mission, when you are trying to find a key to the supply room after getting back to the Conning Tower, take the cargo lift up to the supply room, and use the key to open the door.
Shoot the deer head with any weapon to get the "Under A Buck" achievement.For more information, log onto m/reddeadredemption.Move in the opposite direction to open another hatch to pressurize the room so that you can board the Terra Nova.Tips Tips are the part of the weapon that emits the ammunition.Axes High (20 points Kill 30 enemies using Fodder axes.The story was probably most compelling in DS1, but the presentation of the story was superb in DS2, and all the setpieces were so cinematic and thrilling.