How legitimate do "legitimate cost factors" have to be?
If no insurer will underwrite or accept the risk, the result may be a mega moolah 50 free spins code cost-shifting to society FN381 or the loss of an economic opportunity to a consumer.Schodolski, "Bad" Dogs Put Costly Bite on Insurers, Homeowners, Chi.FN45 The Court noted that it is particularly problematic to determine a dog's breed.CDC, supra note 94, at 837.FN227 However, one study concluded that city registrations account for only.1 of all dogs.Without homeowners' insurance, a person cannot get a mortgage.The Problem of the Unknown Origin of Aggressiveness Despite all of the research and studies on the subject, scientists and veterinarians cannot state with certainty or confidence why certain dogs are more aggressive than others.Arrington appealed, claiming he should have been appointed "managing conservator" (primary guardian) of Bonnie 2017 preakness payouts Lou.3, australian Bureau of Statistics, 'Average Weekly Earnings, Australia, February 2008, Cat.Legislatures stepped in to correct the injustice in the marketplace, knowing full well that it would cost the industry more money.
FN424 By separating and grouping people of similar risks, insurers keep rates low for the desirable, low-risk insureds, and insure adequate resources in the event that high-risk insureds cause a claim.
"A dog's tendency to bite depends on at least 5 interacting factors: heredity, early experience, later socialization and training, health (medical and behavioral and victim behavior." FN274 They also pointed to the problems of mixed breeds, misidentification of breeds, and shifting popularity of breeds.
15, 2003,.
FN379 Breed discrimination is an entirely different problem altogether.
Some scientists have suggested that some breeds are more dangerous because, when they do bite, their jaw structure and other physical characteristics cause them to inflict more pain and physical injury.
Schauer, supra note 403, shit on your neighbor card game rules at 69-72.
In Greer, the state complained that Aetna's policy of not charging higher premiums for mortgage insurance for older people (who pose a greater risk) in essence discriminated against the young.See Stone, supra note 380, at 394 (making a similar argument regarding human diseases).Centers for Disease Control, Nonfatal Dog Bites-Related Injuries Treated in Hospital Emergency Departments-United States, 2001, 52 Morbidity Mortality Weekly Rep.FN54 These news reports replicate the experience I had in *12 trying to get homeowners' insurance. 8-52(c)-(d).