It has an extra guitar riff added to the beginning of the fourth and final chorus.
Both were important songs for The Move, with agen baccarat California Man their last UK hit single.
Now it had always been a popular song in their live shows.
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The crunchy guitar riff from that song, which can be heard here is the primary indicator.
Grading, common Abbreviations, tOC Tear On Cover, tOS Tear On Seam.(Inappropriate comments will be removed.) The Move - Do Ya (Standard Release) Near the end of the song, Roy Wood shouts out the line "Look out baby there's a plane a comin'." There has been some doubt among fans over the years if that's what.Song/AH sweet mystery VIC SCR 24896 E E383 macdonough bielin when sweet marie WAS sweet V E372 macdonough harry there never wairl like YOU HMV 5630 V E374 macdonough harry arab love song HMV 5653 V E679 macdonough harry hosanna/holy night VIC BW 16060.By being able to market his own self-recorded versions, Jeff gets all the money instead.They are: The 7" Single Edit Version simply cuts the song's bridge.They loved it on-stage so we re-recorded in a slightly different arrangement." Jeff Lynne (May 2013 - Uncut magazine) "Still, for those looking for something to connect the dots back to the muscular crunch of Do Ya (head straight to the stamping State of Mind.By this time, Jeff Lynne had achieved complete mastery of the delicate balance between rock and orchestral arrangements, and even the heavy presence of the Electric Light Orchestra's patented strings didn't do anything to take away from the song's raw, cocksure bent, with Lynne growling.I think we'd just done the backing vocals and that's why they were loud on this particular mix.A revamped version appeared on ELO's sixth album A New World Record in 1976 3003 west casino road everett wa 98204 and remained a permanent and popular fixture in their live set." John Van der Kiste (September 5, 2005 - Message From The Country Remaster) "Leading the pack on the Harvest Showdown.

" John Van der Kiste (September 5, 2005 - Message From The Country Remaster) "Leading the pack on the Harvest Showdown collection is the 7-inch edit of a cut that first appeared on the B-side of a three-track UK single." John Van der Kiste (September.
Unlike many of the tracks on our list of the Top 10 Electric Light Orchestra Songs, Do Ya keeps the classical elements to a minimum.
"The Move's Do Ya would also become an ELO hit on A New World Record." Steve Wosahla (April 10, 1978 Good Times #194) "While with the Move, Lynne helped record Message From The Country, perhaps their best album, and penned Do Ya, his finest rock.