drunk bets

This time it was Kathy that was the best casino to play blackjack in vegas deck first one to wake.
Kathy sat up, riding him slowly up and down while stroking his balls at the same time.When he was done, she put it together and wrapped it up and put it in the brown bag with the rest of his lunch.Tommy was awake at six in the morning and was more than ready to start the day, and the bet.She greeted him at the door nude, and just pulled his pants open and fished his cock out and started to suck.Once again, the bet started out simple, but Tommy brought it to the end quickly this time on Tuesday morning.All Tommy could do was laugh and talk about how Monday morning how much he was going to love seeing her lips wrapped around his cock, and how she better get used to having his hard cock in her mouth, because it was going.Next she grabbed the bar super billiards expo payout and started lifting his feet up and toward his head, and attached the bar to a device on the wall.Any game that they watched was sure to have a bet on the game.Super affordable at only.99/month.
Tuesday had the bet escalated to serving dinner and drinks to the loser AND his or her friends for the whole week.
Tommy had a head full of confidence that his team was going to the Superbowl this year, and the way that the Raiders were playing, it should be the year that the Broncos won both games.
Just before he came, she leaned into him, and whispered that his cum would end up in his stomach before she was done.
And when someone wins, you get to fuck the winner.Every weekend during football season, they would be watching every game from that was on any channel, and then DVR the games that they could.Porn YOU CAN handle welcome.But if you don't get up to the line, then it won't count and you will have to repeat that load.Sunday was nothing different from Saturday, except that she just wanted to make sure that he had to swallow more times than she did when he team lost.Tommy found himself serving her dinner every night that week.One load in the morning, one in the middle of the day one place or another, and then a third before bed.They showered and got ready for work.