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Coordinates: 22163 x 23265, details: No weapons, just a large transport plane.
I pretty quickly unlocked the handheld casino game 488 medusa fun whole story doing this, and found the story part of world vegas poker the game quite short.You'll hear sounds of the Smoke Monster as you explore too.A large floating airship suspending a reasonable sized deck.Details: Your plane blows up when you are over the island; you can still order proctor and gamble warehouse sale stuff from the black market.Additions by Daniel Spurgeon Exit Theatre Mode.Mile High Club Co-ordinates: 29584 x 11435 Details: Helicopter recommended.If you fly over this island in any plane you'll automatically crash.Alternately, find the military bases and destroy the objects you can, then run to the next.Ski Resort Coordinates: 24574 x 14786 Details: Panau Casino Coordinates: 18565 x 17755 Details: Panau International Airport Coordinates: 9748 x 12798 Details: Military-controlled airport.
Features a helipad and a private jet you can use to leave.
Beached whale Coordinates: 29678 x 31349 Details: An armor part can be found inside whale.
Lost Island Coordinates: The small island in the top left of the map; the hatch is at 1743 x 4363.
Details: Has quad rockets and twin autocannons that fire as fast as mounted guns.This doesn't work on air vehicles.Details: Creating heat while in a helicopter helps them to spawn.Si-47 Leopard: Jet fighter, coordinates: 17141 x 12369, details: has twin rockets, and twin mounted guns.Details: If you jump from the top of the two airships you have more than enough height to get the 1000m base jump.You can make a 1000m base jump by jumping off the top of the balloons.Regardless of the height you will safely touch down.Details: Desert Peak, co-ordinates: 8082 x 28454, details: Tropical Peak.When you leave the market, you will find yourself viewing the game through the scoped third-person perspective.Exit Theatre Mode, use a sniper rifle.