No crack or repairs.
This near-mint guitar is an early mid-60s F body model in 12-string configuration. .
He comes up with a special jig by modifying a Rock-n-Roller neck rest.
Issue 45 October 04, 2007 Custom-fit your bridge pins for better sound Erick Coleman talks about why each guitar he works on gets six custom-fit bridge pins.A nice crisp and tidy example that displays limited play wear.Issue 223 August 14, 2014 Why do you have so many guitars?!Like the model 370, above, but with two hi-gain pickups.Issue 213 March 27, 2014 How to clean and lube dirty old guitar tuners Dirty tuners filled with dried gunk: Dan Erlewine's working on a guitar that's been sitting untouched for over fone bonus codes fifty years.Mamie shared this great tip for making scratches disappear, while renowned guitar photographer John Peden shot closeup photos.Fender 1963 Jazz Bass in Olympic White with tortoise guard and matching painted headstock. .Cherry Sunburst Finish over a flamed maple top, Gold Hardware, Dual Patent Sticker Pickups, Gold Bonnet knobs, 5 piece Flamed Maple neck, Factory Grover tuners, and the great looking Bow tie inlays of the BK Custom.Although intriguing in design, it is somewhat impractical to play as a 6 string guitar, and many of this model have had the converter mechanism removed over the years. .
The guitar displays some play wear with light finish checking.
1972 also was the last year of bass models fitted with a tug-bar, which is the clear lucite fingerrest mounted on the pickguard next to the neck pickup.
Simulated leather (vinyl) finish, shows playing wear on back of neck; Coke mohegan pocono poker bottle headstock shape; metal nut. .
Issue 197 August 15, 2013 Fix a broken nut with baking soda?
Issue 227 October 09, 2014 Neat trick for peghead binding (tiger inlay) Dan Erlewines building a guitar for a tattoo artist.Dan Erlewine has a Fender neck in which the entire truss rod rotates along with the nut.Rickenbacker 1964 model 425 full-scale solidbody in deep red Fireglo finish with unusual blank white crescent TRC with metal Electro badge added; does neck thru construction make this a Rickenbacker 425.This guitar has very little playing wear with some light finish checking.Gray ohsc with red lining in very good condition.Two great sounding P-90 pickups and a very comfortable weight at 6 1/2 pounds.Erick Coleman Issue 185 February 28, 2013 Is this bridge saddle in the right place?