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Responding to just one of these communications can open the door to a flood of unwanted letters, phone calls and emails trying to separate you from your money.
Tuesday's windfall win has prompted plenty of speculation in Aigle, a town of 9,700 in the Chablais region below the Vaud Alps.
You may receive an email advising you of a win and instructing you to check your online account, but it is for you to approach the lottery company in order to claim any prize that you are due.The winning ticket was validated at one of five lottery vending kiosks in Aigle, 43 kilometres east of Lausanne.The winner had a chance in 116 million to gain this sum, Danielle Perrette, a spokesman for Loterie Romande told Le Matin.However, there are many people out there who try and use the allure of money to set up lottery scams to divert people away from legitimate games.The scams generally rely on persuading the recipient of a bogus email, text, letter or phone call that they have won uk netent casinos no deposit free spins a huge amount of cash in a lottery, which will then be transferred into their bank account on payment of processing fees or taxes.It is not clear whether the man, reportedly single, has claimed his prize but he has six months to.
You may be initially contacted through one of these means: Post : You receive a letter telling caesar casino online 911 you that you have won a prize, but that you need to pay a fee to process your claim before any winnings can be paid out.
The winner of.2-million-franc (28.9-million) Euro Millions lottery jackpot who bought the lucky ticket in Switzerland has yet to step forward to claim the prize.
Legitimate lotteries will not ask for any fee or upfront payment of taxes in order to process your claim.
Just hang up, throw out the letters and delete the emails and messages.
Loterie Romande, the lottery organization for French-speaking Switzerland, said a punter who validated his or her ticket in Aigle, a town in the canton of Vaud, won the draw on Tuesday night.
Lottery Scam, lottery games both in the UK and across the world have strict rules in place to ensure that they are fair and fun to play.
Clues to Identify a Scam.Social Media : You receive a direct message telling you that your account has been selected no claim bonus validity for a lottery or raffle prize.It marked the second-biggest win in western Switzerland since Loterie Romande began in 2004.Do not disclose your private bank or personal details.These fraudsters take advantage of unwitting victims who are blinded by promises of receiving a life-changing amount of cash.But how should I know?