Dynamic Difficulty : The game doesn't punish you in any way for dying repeatedly, despite keeping a tally.
Impaled with Extreme Prejudice : Another common way to die, via Garrador claws, Krauser's knife, Leon's own knife (thrown back at him and one win free money instantly killer zombies particularly nasty trap in the castle, should you fail the button prompt.
Rare Random Drop : The Blue Eye gemstones, a pair of which are needed to complete the two Butterfly Lantern treasures you find.Service Engagement, service is a great way to get involved, make friends and give back.Panty Shot : Sure, you can try, but Ashley won't be having any.Badass Normal : Leon, several times over.Spexico : The biggest give away is the villagers accent, which is not even close to anything you would hear in Spain (not even in the Canary Islands, which accent is the most similar to the Latin American dialects and they totally sound Mexican.
The Starscream : Ada is between this and Wesker's Dragon with an Agenda.
Much frustration is saved when you realize you can just run away from him and immediately end the fight with the cranes holding the I-beams, followed by the Special Rocket Launcher Ada drops.
It is not a good idea.Saddler's Militia located at the Island have powerful weapons, and some of them are even equipped with armor.The how to cheat slot machine get War on Terror : Salazar makes a humorous remark about this.The same rising sun that Leon and Ashley travel into after escaping the island on the jet ski.Difficulty Levels : Two: Normal, and upon completing it, Professional.However, if they do, the text will tell them that "there's no time for resting." Cool Guns : With special exclusive maximum upgrades: An FN Five-seveN that can shoot through five enemies.Leon responds by using a grappling hook attached to his utility belt to latch onto a tiny ledge on the wall.Trap Door : A variation: Ashley panics and runs down a narrow hallway, avoiding spike traps along the way, before finally stopping to catch her breath, leaning against a dead end.