Outtakes and teaser are locked until the end of the game.
Moira Chisholm is a reporter and a person of interest.
Learn also the update on Nancy, Alec and Zoe.
Follow Moira's instructions to escape to the safe house : Living room: Moira says there's a safe under the breakers.Click to remove combined pink squares.He would not admit to shadowing Nancy.Fake Diary: Read the fake diary.Bridget : Exit the room and meet Bridget.Take the music sheet sent by Carson morongo casino games bus from the door.Check the leaflets for the Scotland Rail, Glaucus Lodge and Scotland Wild Side (Loch Lomond and Ness).I hope to be able to get the same weekend next year.Select the bug icon at top right.Enter the elevator and go to ground floor (G).There is not enough clues to solve this yet.
At left, check behind the hanging turf to see the Revenant logo and his acceptance to the club.
Go back to Ewan at the Cathedral control room.
See that it was made for Zoe Wolfe.Follow through on the instructions from Bridget's texts: Souvenir shop at train station: The instruction states to place money inside a blue bag.C and G are in rows 2 and 3 at right column.) The fourth row contains only odd numbers.Zoe wants Nancy to take Ewan out.Bud Steret Kelly, Thanks so much for all your help with the million questions before our hunt.Music sheet: Study the music sheet sent by Carson.Earn coins in tips.See a mailbox in front of the Ten Raven pub.Talk to Ewan completely to learn about Alec, the attack, Colony and Revenant.

My son was nice enough to let his sister take the shot on a 165 pound hog with his 3030 ( about 50 yards ) and she put down her first hog.
Zoe says to place the USBs collected on the ports.
The aim is to get the highest score.