June 20, 2017 Released - Undiscovered World The Seal of the Realm - Chapter 8 - Power Play It seems this is no longer a simple treasure hunt.
You can also get Club Pogo for free with a, club Pogo pass or by doing, pogo/PeanutLabs surveys.
Learn how their music and stories echo throughout history October 18, 2018 Triple Token Thursday It's Triple Bonus Tokens Thursday.February 26, 2017 Sunday Social Time It's Sunday Social Time.September 14, 2017 New Mini Items We're going back in time to celebrate the 70s with a new batch of flashback Minis!August 27, 2018 New Mix jackpot superlotto N Match badges are released Pogo has added 3 new Mix N Match badges to badge central for 16 gems each.April 24, 2018 New Game Released Pogo has released their newest game Quinn's Aquarium with 30 game award badges as well as 50 ranks and 5 rank badges.With 6,000 tokens by playing Monopoly Classic, Monoply the World Edition, and Monopoly Slots.With 6,000 tokens by playing Spades, Everyone Wins Bingo, and Bingo Luau.
November 6, 2018, jet Set Solitaire Update!
August 1, 2017 Released - Mahjong Escape Tokyo Mahjong Escape Tokyo is now available to play.
February 20, 2018 Released - StoryQuest - Jack and the Beanstalk Episode 1 Complete the Episode 'Jack and the Beanstalk Episode 1' to earn this badge.
March 1, 2018 New Phlinx 2 uiq lee gamble Badges The March 2018 set of Celestial glyphs and badges is now available in Phlinx 2 and these build the Thutmose set and can be earned until March 31st, 2018.Will the risks lead to a big pay day?Collect your free 8,000 tokens by playing Phlinx, Plants VS Zombies, Spider Solitaire and Mahjong Garden.Can you discover the culprit before more priceless treasures are lost?February 14, 2018 Free Tokens Celebrate Valentine's Day!March 2, 2017 Released - Big City Adventure Bangkok Day 9 - Buddha It seems like Bangkok has a statue of Buddha at every turn.May 7, 2018 New Mix N Match badges are released Pogo has added 3 new Mix N Match badges to badge central for 16 gems each.June 22, 2017 Mix N Match Badges in Java Games Pogo has re-released over 500 Mix N Match badges in Java games and are available for 12 Gems each until June 27, 2017.September 25, 2018 Tokens Removed From HD Games As Pogo gets ready to go live with their new "Awarding System tokens have been removed from all their HD games.March 22, 2018 Released - Big City Adventure Hong Kong Day 12 - Impressive From massive bridges to soaring mountain tops to monumental statues, Hong Kong is sure to impress with its majesty March 22, 2018 Triple Token Thursday It's Triple Bonus Tokens Thursday.October 26, 2017 New Mini Mall Items Pogo has released new Halloween items in to the Mini Mall.