Engineering Education # 05, May 2011.
Authors proposed the technique providing the slot width uniformity along the filter tube.
This setback card game strategy technique is based on changing the axial feed value when machining the beginning and the end of slotting.
The main factor influencing on slot width variance is inclination angle of helical slot rows.Their physical and mechanical properties and rational application areas were also described.Existent up-to-date cutting tool materials for edge tools are presented in this work.Accuracy of polygonal holes obtained by rotary broaching.The influence of technological factors and processing parameters, allowing to obtain hexagonal holes with the specified requirements for dimensional accuracy was determined.Classification of extra-hard diamond-based cutting tool materials was also given.The article presents the main principles of through-wall slot width controlling for polymer filtering tubes produced by deformational cutting technology.
DOI:.7463/0513.0569432, this article is based on the review of Russian and foreign periodicals about edge tools published in the last seven years.
The drag was not necessarily reduced by the blowing and C was not its primary scaling parameter.
Analysis of development prospects of cutting tool materials was carried out.
The unique design of the model enabled us to vary slot-widths their locations and orientations, in addition to the mass and momentum flow emanating from the slot and the oncoming free stream velocity.For this process estimated three types of shape deviations: hole taper, alteration of hole size, compared with tool size and helical hole configuration.Engineering Education # 05, May 2013.The article presents data on deviations from the theoretical shapes and sizes of polygonal holes in the fasteners, obtained by rotary broaching.Engineering Education # 04, April 2011.The purpose of this investigation was to improve our understanding of the flow and to identify the hierarchy of parameters, governing fluidic the control of separation and circulation.When a jet emanates from a narrow slot, the incremental lift coefficient primary maths challenge bonus round 2017 scales with the momentum coefficient (C for wider slots the slot width has to be considered as an independent parameter even when the jet velocity is high with respect to the free stream.Experimental researches proved this method.Special attention was paid to new types of oxide, mixed, whisker-reinforced and silicon nitride cutting ceramics and extra-hard cutting tool materials based on the poly crystalline diamond and cubic boron nitride.