The mechanics of creating and withdrawing money need to operate not only with sound economic logic.
We have mayweather vs mcgregor fight biggest payout by bet all seen recently, in the global financial collapse of 2008-09, how irresponsible behavior on the part of big banks with regard to their lending and debt-servicing practices can set off widespread financial panic followed by years of economic stagnation.
Still, I have to be as objective as possible even though I myself dont enjoy this game and admit that the payouts are pretty nice and the visuals are truly stunning.
But its too soon to tell whether it can have other applications.To understand why, take a quick look at how real money works.It provides an open, decentralized, fast, cheap and supposedly secure means of completing transactions.There are so many perks to playing it, youll realise it a few spins into the game.For an economy to work win wedding money request well, money needs to be created (for example, through bank credits or government spending) and withdrawn online casino app iphone (through debt servicing and tax payments) following economic logic.Aliens, this is one of the masterpieces of the famous software house NetEnt.
Given the lack of economic logic behind the net injection of bitcoins, there is increased risk of financial and price instability.
If bitcoins were a large asset in a portfolio, the investors solvency would be at risk.
The characteristics of these securities allow them to circulate at a stable nominal value (par) in the right financial infrastructure and as long as the creditworthiness of the issuer is strong.
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Volatile and Illiquid, but as an alleged alternative currency, bitcoin is unacceptable.
Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal posted two responses to the question: Do Cryptocurrencies Such as Bitcoin Have a Future?