History doesn't repeat itself, but it does tend to follow a rather strict rhyming pattern.
If we were able to make such strong progress in aviation innovation in five years20 improvement in fuel efficiencyjust think what we can do in the next five years to treat brain diseases.
They help assess where we investmaking sure we allocate to the highest and best risk-adjusted returns, double down on areas where we have strong prospects and reduce capital flow into areas that have lesser prospects.The other looming threat for oil and gas comes from another area with rapidly beat online casino roulette declining costs: alternative energy sources and energy storage.Every decision should have no more than two approvers: We should empower the experts in the market, reinforced by governance and best practice sharing.We have increased the number of experts in the field to deliver for our customers.SPX data by, yCharts.Only GE can provide complete solutions to solve its electricity problem.Simplification means quicker execution and closer collaboration with customers.We made progress in 2013.
Growth market orders expanded by 11 in 2013; this will translate into solid revenue growth.
Gas is replacing coal in power generation around the world based on efficiency and environmental impact.
Along the way, we had created a higher-cost structure, an artificial sense of risk management, and we were insulating our people from the heat of the market.
The world is complicated.
We have combined the principles of Lean Six Sigma with the culture of The Lean Startup, from Silicon Valley, in a process called FastWorks.
That doesn't mean we can completely ignore some of the things that have changed over the past few years, though.
Manufacturing is the basis on which we will compete and win in the future.Kevin Nolan is a 24-year GE veteran who is VP-Technology of our Appliances business.At year-end, we increased our dividend.Economy like the ones we had in the '90s, wsop gamehunters club GE will have earnings upside.Through simplification, we have made substantial reductions in structural cost.Because of this trend, there are billions being invested in gas exploration, transportation and monetization to connect gas supply with demand.By taking breakthroughs in one business and applying them to others, we push expectations and change the idea of what's possible, all for the benefit of our customers.Even more surprising is that production costs for other seemingly expensive sources - offshore and oil sands - have come down as well.