This Tool allows you to play with all your tables stacked and only have the tables that city of dreams casino entrance fee require action open.
They have a full list of contact details in order to log a bug or make a suggestion or for any other queries you may have.This tool is available as a free version with limited functions however can be bought if you are satisfied with the results.Using Texas Hold'em strategy articles.PioSolver PioSolver is a new kid on the block.When it comes to Texas Hold'em strategy, it's not about how much you read, it's about how much you learn.You can fold, call/check and raise.And it does all this for free.The pro version gives you various filters so that you can target your strengths and weaknesses and it has a passcode lock to keep your data secure.
This also gives you access to future updates and all the support you could need with FAQs and Email support.
Developed by Mark Keonard and just recently updated, Poker Mate is free for your iPhone.
They can work however with any poker site using custom table-maps, they provide you with poker database statistics which allow players to make informed decisions and there is no monetary cost involved.
Sites such as Party Poker, FullTilt Poker and a few other smaller sites (which joined in 2005 are all monitored.Placemint is a small, easy to use app that can assist in managing your desktop area better.The graphs tab has several different graph options which include viewing your personal results, creating a luck bell curve chart or creating a money flow chart between the various players at a game.All poker professionals (in the past) have said the same thing: After a raise and a re-raise, you usually should fold QQ pre-flop Calling a raise and a re-raise pre-flop with a hand such as 8-9 suited is also usually a mistake.If the two pair on board are 6s up or worse, you need 4th nut kicker to call.It keeps track of your hand history and records data like the length of play time, played hands, Daily Rake and a few other useful statistics.Constant updates are available for this application.The hands that are good enough to raise 4x: pair of 3s or higher, ace anything any suited King, or King and 5 or higher.With the paid for subscription which only costs.99 per month, you also get a useful HUD which pulls all the above information to your table.Then you will need to add the FreePokerDB to the MySQL database manually.Once the table loads the tool syncs with SharkScope and fetches any information available for that player and applies the predefined rule and categorises them by colour and a brief overview with a detailed option should you expand your view.SNG Wizard The SNG Wizard is all about the late game strategy.It allows for automatic table resizing and the automatic insertion of the PokerStars password.

They are constantly reviewing the tool and adding additional functionality with version.0 expected later this year.
MacroPoker Most statistics gathering sights are not known for being easy to use.
HHSmithy provides you with a huge sample of statistical data which allows you to build a hand history that you can learn from and allowing you to plot the best move in your next game.