Origins of the Blackjack and Hookers Meme.
In the Phineas and Ferb episode "Hail Doofania!
Technology An early example in the technology world was a diamond casino myrtle beach group of engineers known as the "Traitorous Eight" who worked under William Shockley, the inventor of the transistor.
A cat hair left Garfield to start his own cat.So he started his own church!Which doesn't turn out so well.The WHA administration refused to incorporate the reserve clause (which allowed a club to extend a player's contract by a year when it expired and do so indefinitely, effectively binding a player to one club for play video poker real money his entire career) and set a then-landmark.7 million.Thing is, the license for OpenSolaris allowed the last version produced before Oracle shut the gates to the source code to remain free.He thus founded Liverpool.C.In Jean Merrill's The Toothpaste Millionaire sixth-grader Rufus Mayflower responds to the high cost of store-bought toothpaste by starting his own toothpaste company with the help of his best friend.
Is a developer founded by the former employees of Konami.
Tyranny : One of the game's Story Branching paths involves the Fatebinder starting their own faction in the Tiers instead of backing one of Kyros' two existing armies.
When The Olympic Games decided to drop baseball and softball in 2005, the International Baseball Federation (ibaf)note since merged with softball's former governing body to create the current World Baseball Softball Confederation (wbsc) along with pro leagues from all over the world (including America's Major League.
Then there's this Recursive Reality situation: In 1938 several schools left the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference to start the Mountain States/Skyline Conference.
Sometimes they can be of a random person who was photographed in a compromising situation.Then set about plans to start his own promotion, convincing Gulas' top talent ( Jerry Lawler ) and the announce team (Lance Russell and Dave Brown) to jump ship to his promotion.His methods are too extreme for even Admiral Sakazuki.Ha ha, your own preschool, I'd like to see that.The biggest contributors took the last version of the OS and forked, and illumos was born.And of course the American Civil War was a failed attempt by the rebellious southern states to form a new country due fears that the country would restrict or ban Slavery (and a bunch of other, minor political and social tensions as well).After this Mosley becomes increasingly ostracized from mainstream political life as his new party turns fascist.Laharl in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories : "I don't even wanna be a part of this stupid world.In Your Father, Jack and a number of other cold-based mythological beings, tired of being left out of Christmas parties and such, started celebrating Christmas together a few decades ago.Disney shuttered and sold Miramax in 2010, while The Weinstein Company was thrown into bankruptcy in 2017 following the firing and arrest of Harvey over sexual abuse allegations that spanned decades.You can further customize the font and add additional text boxes in the More Options section.Hideo Kojima spent much of 2015 living an absolute hell since Konami cancelled Silent Hills, closed down his studio, Kojima Productions, removed his name from the cover of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and even forbade him from accepting any awards the latter.

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An episode of Frasier had this happen with Frasier and Niles's wine club.
One episode of the Dennis the Menace animated series portrayed Dennis and Margareth as business partners in a lemonade stand.