She often worked with sewing patterns, but I do remember several times when she used fabric panels to make vests, aprons, fabric books, and more.
I would love to hear if you have made any Halloween costumes this year. .
The seamstress tag questions will be listed below if you want to do the tag as well. .
A couple of months ago I came across The Crafty Pinups version of The Seamstress Tag on her youTube channel. .Check it all out here!Would you ever try making your own jeans?!? .I got a request for a drawstring bag with contrast casing at the top. .The pattern includes dresses, logos, capes, headbands, masks, belts, cuffs, boot covers, etc. .
This week Im sharing a tutorial for the Road to Oklahoma block.
Will you be making some of these drawstring bags? .
Maple Leaf Restaurant, the Czech Snitzel House 65 King Street East Gananoque Ontario Canada.
All menus are reviewed by our Registered Dietitian to ensure residents' nutritional requirements are met.
Since so many of you are leaving sweet comments about my vintage style I wanted to share the thrift store haul today. .
Other features include: Each single room has its own private bathroom.I selected fabrics I knew the girls would like.City Center Hotel is full of convenience.I had a few scraps left and knew they would make an adorable, reusable gift bag! .To make your bags pick out two coordinating cotton fabrics and matching ribbon. .Large windows in each room for easy swtor slot machine location viewing.So this week I wanted to answer the 12 questions in the tag myself. .Im picturing jars of apple butter and cookie mixes for gift giving, but obviously the bags can be used to hold anything you want!So it was no surprise that she wanted to be Batman-girl (not Batgirl) for Halloween. .Whether it is business or pleasure, City Center Hotel will make your stay comfortable.