ict games money

This game only uses the 1p coin and amounts up to 10, making it ideal for younger children.
Then type in the total for each hobby.There are interactive workshops, printable resources and different paths you can explore to match your circumstances.Buy Two Items, choose from several different games at various levels, starting with prices up.Can you work out what the machine is doing to each number you put in?Work out what is the best value to spend as little money as possible!Then click and drag any coins into the box, adding up the total as you.Due to the high cost of running a free educational resource on a teacher's income this site is trialling advertisements.Move the car by clicking the red compass arrows.Be careful not to overshoot!
Choose from prices of up to 20p, up to 1 or up.
Here are a few of the latest Key Stage 2 Maths resources.
If you exceed the total, you can click try again to clear the amount.Special Damages may also be awarded for financial loss or damage caused to material goods as a result of the accident, such as damage to your motor vehicle or the clothing you were wearing at the time.Can you solve the problems using your division skills?Once your grid is displayed, you can click Print to print it out, or Change to get a different grid using the same coins.You have how to play casino slots character to click the hand which is holding 10p.