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It evaporates in minutes and will not eat at the colors or paper.
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Many times basic repairs to your LP jackets can really spruce up the cover and increase the grade a notch.
Below are some basic repair tips I have gleaned over time that I will share with you.Be careful on LP labels though.In like way, please welcome our exertion by offering this post to your mates and relatives.Dont nonattendance of thankfulness to visit our rest of the site, you will get dazzling presents for your other social beguilements.Let the LP cover sit overnight.I have even found it works fairly well on ink if the ink was written lightly.Peel the backing from one side of the V and position it over the split.
Repeat as necessary for a clean smelling sleeve.
Most sticker will come off by applying a product like Goo Gone to the label or sticker.
But here are some techniques that I have used with varying levels of success: If you are looking to remove marker or ink from a laminated cover like the old Beatle UK flipback jackets, I found success in removing both marker and ink by using.
You run the risk of removing the color from the label if you erase.
Now with a clean automobile waxing applicator, dab a little Scratch Out (yes, the same Scratch Out used on cars you can get it at any auto store) and rub the scratch out on the LP slick in a circular motion.
If you have a tear at the opening or mouth of the LP cover, take a piece of tape and apply it to inside of the cover and then press down.
It will not leave any dark marks (which Goo Gone can be guilty of).I normally use clear packaging tape for this type of repair because packaging tape is far more durable than run of the mill casino seaside heights nj Scotch tape.Not only will your White Album look much cleaner but it will also have a nice glossy sheen.In order to ensure that you do not make the split larger, apply a strong binder clip at the end of the e strips that are larger than the area to be repaired, Leave the removable backing on, and fold the strip, lengthwise, into.Do NOT attempt to take the sticker or label off in one fell swoop.They are clean, with minimal crumbling and non-abrasive.In like way, this offer will sneak past taking following three days from the issue date.For example, A VG- cover can increase to a VG grade, a VG moves up to.It can be folded into the V shape needed, before moistening.Then use the dry end of the sponge to quickly pick-up any residual grime.If anyone has other tips, please let me know and I will update the guide.Very lightly dampen one end of the sponge and stroke / rub lightly and specifically where needed.Before getting bold and tackling one of your prized LPs, I would practice on some junk vinyl, this way you wont destroy your collectible copies if your experiment ends up less than desirable.Clean your records with glue!

Seam Spine Splits Repairing with Tape.
If you rub to hard or to long, you will remove the cover art ink.
I have applied this technique with some of my LP covers and the blending is excellent.