Coconut Shy A British fairground game, probably a variant of "Aunt Sally" (q.v.
A turning platform with seats, some made up on poles as animals, especially horses, and some of which move gently up and down in a slow "galloping" motion."You won't believe it!" says another.She's going to come out how to make easy money on youtube just the paddy power lotto app way you want her to, and you're gonna see it ALL!" It might even be possible to do a second ding after they've seen the lady naked: "Boys, us dancers, we don't get paid, only what we get.The average performer can safely allow an audience volunteer to stand on his chest while lying on the bed, and can allow a cinderblock to be broken on his chest with a sledgehammer without ill effect (inertia keeps the shock wave within the cinderblock, which.Building a Tip What the "outside talker" does, gathering a crowd of potential customers (a "tip.Agent A jointee with proven skill and earning power, working a game teso race bonuses (especially a rigged game) that requires some skill and finesse to sell to the marks.The entertainment is on the inside.Cut-In The fee for getting electricity hooked up to your joint by the electrician (juice man who will "cut in" a connection to the main power lines.When the car stopped, a pointer on the side of the car indicated one of a series of numbers painted along the track, thus choosing your prize or advancing game play.Also, a roster of acts or performers (as also used in theatre and wrestling).Since these calls were on no set schedule, the tired performers would mutter "D'Allah hun roughly meaning "Oh, for God's sake!
Because you often don't have to split your "inside money" with the front office!
The term is in general use in many businesses meaning "we have no more something" or "to get rid of something." There are many 'folk etymologies' explaining the origin of the term, but all are dubious.
Study them very carefully, because once YOU'RE inside YOU'RE never gonna SEE them again!
Expect mini-raves, on-stage dancing, twerking, tacky prizes, pocket-money, and utter chaos! .I want YOU ALL TO SEE THE magician, THE fire eater, THE FAT lady, serpentina, THE electric girl AND ALL THE other great acts YOU'VE heard about, SO WE ARE going TO DO something special.Sheila feels that exposing her act and her body this way is worth one dollar, because she is paid only through your curiosity and your generosity.Sometimes this term is applied to games that let you trade several small prizes (won for a single play) for bigger prizes.Aunt Sally "Aunt Sally originally a fairground game, is now a pub game played almost exclusively in a very small area of Britain.Slang Main Index, website Top Page, contact.