Remember this Conor McGregor can still have a hell of a career, Floyd added.
Ugas took the fight as a sub for Porter with only nine days notice and win big money online karamba com he looks cooked but if he hangs on he will win.
However, what was unknown was just how much both men were about to make in the fight.His legs wobble for the last 90 seconds of the round but he just about hangs.Conor McGregor post-fight press conference live stream by José Youngs.In his last bout he moved up in weight class to the lightweight division winning over the former Ufc Lw champion Eddie Alvarez by technical knockout (.Mayweather vs Alvarez ).10:12PM Good evening Rob Bagchi here to take you through the next few hours.9:15PM Who are people backing?View photos McGregor arrives on stage in Las Vegas on Friday night Credit: AFP 8:01PM Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor preview Floyd Mayweather has dismissed Conor McGregor's insistence he will be exposed by a weight disadvantage when they finally fight in Las Vegas on Saturday.
For sure, said Mayweather.
Rebilas-USA today "It feels great to be on this stage and it's moments like these where I can go out and compete and I can prove everyone right who gave me this chance.
For the Notorious GAD?
It's about sacrifices, dedication, it's focus, I make it, and that's.
He posted this encounter with Chris Eubank snr last night but if you haven't seen his analysis of the way to beat Mayweather, it's as astute as you would expect.
Jose Miguel Borrego (5,000).I came to entertain the fans and that's what I did.A win is a win, no matter how you get it, said Mayweather, who said during the buildup that he would consider it a failure if he didnt score a knockout.See who's there, view photos, mayweather vs McGregor: Celebrity fans, best pictures and fight night action 12:56AM, a unanimous decision for Heraldez 96-93, 97-92, 97-92 for Juan Heraldez.Billed as The Money Fight between Floyd Mayweather and UFC star Conor McGregor.Ugas looks impressive, exploiting the static Dulorme's brittleness.They were rather fixated on McGregor's pants last night and their contents but that's by the e Daily Mail 's website was so exercised by the sight it even used the word 'erection' in a headline rather than 'manhood rampant'.Aldo vs McGregor The Notorius has faced Nate Diaz twice in 2016 losing the first bout via submission (4-stars fight, McGregor vs Diaz I ) and winning the second one (.Main Card Salaries: Floyd Mayweather (100 million) def."This was a prospect fight and now I'm on to bigger and better things.Conor you are a hell of a champion.He messed up with them eight-ounce gloves.Watch the video and rate this fight!