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Nekad neprmaksjiet apdroinanu, piemram, kpc makst augstkas auto apdroinanas likmes, ja js reti iesniedzat prasjumus?Protams, tas viss var notikt, tau ar ceojot ar vilcienu, tas var noiet no sliedm.Awards for Open-Jaw (OJ) flights are allowed if the distance of the groundbourne part does not exceed the shortest segment of air carriage from the original point to the final destination, one-way or return.Jusqu'à 30 moins de miles sur des vols précis du réseau Aegean et Olympic Air.Pieredzjuki ceotji zins, ka, lai ltk nonktu Honkong, izdevgk ir lidot nevis no Pekinas, bet gan doties uz edzeu, un tikai tad uz Honkongu.Programme Participant can choose an Award offered by Programme Partners in the Awards Catalogue posted.The powers of the authorized representative shall be confirmed by a power of attorney or a copy thereof if the ticket is issued to the Participant (account holder)and his/her travel companion (in the same booking).Participants can claim Miles for unrecorded flights within three (3) months from the flight date.Miles can be donated to the accounts of Program Partners, namely to charity funds in accordance with paragraph.12.Password to Access Personal Account.2.1.In this case, the Member shall be deemed to have accepted the amended Regulations in the default mode.
Upgrades can be requested for only one service class, for one way air carriage or round-trip carriage (departure point destination point including possible connections on route to the final destination.
It is possible to issue tickets combining different booking classes, as well as in different bonus zones only in Aeroflots own ticket offices.
Izmantojiet kuponus un interneta reklmas kodus pc iespjas biežk.
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It is possible to issue a Bonus ticket with Bonus transfer in accordance with the Programme rules.
To var skt dart jebkur laik.Un to var mant draugi un pazias steidz meklt pc avio bietm, mekl viesncas un s vasaras karstkos galapunktus.Miles per transaction on joint bank cards and other Partner goods, works, and services partners shall not be accrued.Aeroflot shall not be liable for any loss, delay or damage to any documents of the Aeroflot Bonus Programme that may be caused by postal services.Jebkura ceotja prt reiz ir ienkusi ideja ja nu viens lidmanas sprns prstj darboties?Ie, un daudzi citi jautjumi nomc ik katra jaun ceotja prtus un sms lån trods rki.If the Participant refuses to sign such a document, or the document has been lost or damaged, claims related to the Award shall not be accepted or examined.Participants give their consent that other Participants and pjsc Aeroflot may process their personal date in order to add them to the Fellow Travellers list or add other Participants to their Fellow Travellers list.Caurspdgie aiztaismie maisii Lai nerastos problmas izejot drobas kontroli, ieteicams visus kosmtiskos ldzekus, krmus, zobu pastas un jebkda veida medikamentus ievietot caurspdg, aiztaism maisi.Award Tickets shall be booked in the Contact Center only for the routes built in one bonus zone (group of cities taking into account the geographical location and the equal number of miles required for the Award).Elpu aizraujos piedzvojums garentts.Programme Participants must be present to issue their Award in the form of goods, works, and services of the Partner Programme in a Partners trade and service outlet, which uses special terminals or other devices to read data on the membership Card.

The above limit of award transfers shall not apply to Gold and Platinum level programme members.