M has been hard at work this summer trying to make all of its games compatible with iPad and iPod so you dont have to buy apps to use our products on these devices.
Colors: Ages 3-6 reinforces objects and their colors.
Ultimate Speed Math: Ages 5-11 reinforces, x, or / facts.
Money Tree: Ages 6 12 customizable game reinforces word problems with coins.Question correct, grade Level Equivalency (, and -).0.3.6 (mastery scoring Breakdown and Grade Level Equivalency (quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies).Sign in or create an account to share your experiences with this tool.Skills Reinforced: Making change from a dollar, recognizing coins and coin values, recognizing currency.Hits hundreds of standards, comes with instructional videos and lesson plans (in some cases).Half-court Rounding: Ages 8-11 rounding with or without decimals.Lunch Lady, skills: Counting Change with Decimals (multiples.05.10).
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Kids will love this role-playing game, costa rica online gambling licence especially because they get to play the role of a mean old lunch lady.Question correct, grade Level Equivalency (, and -).8.1.4 (mastery scoring Breakdown and Grade Level Equivalency (any other combination without quarters or dollar coins).No having to figure stuff out.Sand Dollar Exchange: Ages 8-11fractions as images.Factor Family Reunion: Ages 7-11 reinforces factors in x problems in different positions such as 4 x _ 28 or _ x.Content verdict: Safe, website availability: Live, language: English.Learn more about the new MrNussbaum xtend.Teachers Pay Teachers Page, do you find this game useful?Cash Out: Ages 6 12 customizable game reinforces counting money and making change.Standards-based Learning m is currently in the process of aligning all of its activities to the Common Core Standards.

Clockworks: Ages 5 12 customizable time game with different skill level options.
Drag N Drop Math: Ages 6-11 Interactive stage for long addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problems.