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It was very impressive, especially Amsterdam.
Here's one to figure out.3/22/2012 - Here are the MO school graduates : ENS Perez - 1520, ENS Whitford - 1527, ENS Espinoza - 1520, and Ensign Burnham - 1515.And here are the chiefs that made it happen : AEC Jose Gonzalez, atcs Robert McGuire, ascs Danita Winfrey, atcs Steven Ferguson, ATC Cody Haizlip, ADC Mark Loyola, ASC Reynante Lagman, AZC Lonesh Ashley, AMC Jorge Sosaovillalva, avcm Charles Mouawangyee, ATC Min Zhu, amcs Raymond.Rdml Matthews receives Distinguished Service Medal from vadm Philip Cullom, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Fleet Readiness and Logistics.At the left are Capt Novak and radm Godwin.Here's a most popular lotto numbers photo of Joe Byers at the Human Relief Organization Awards Ceremony on 21 Jan at the Langley AFB Officer's Club.
If you would like a particular photo in its 3-meg, 7-megapixel size, just send an email to Marty Reagan.
Front row: Fred Hepler, Carolynn Snyder, Scott Rettie, Fred Melnick, Rob Caldwell 4/9/02 - Here's Midshipman Drew Rutherford (usna Class of 2002) with Fred Hepler and JC Harding taken on 25 Jan 02 Service Selection Night.
They even sailed via a BBQ place and picked up stores for the cruise. .10/1/03 - Here's a shot of Eugene Waight, of the Belize Ministry of Agriculture, left, and Tom and Sandy Snyder who are holding one of the four Boer goats that the Snyders are donating to Belize.Going rogue in the war room and taking charge.CJ says that she invited everyone to wear their greenshirts - there were only a handful that came in khakis - they weren't let on stage.Here he is at Pete's Bar, one of the most famous watering holes in Abaco.Back Row from L to R - capt Eric Simon, capt Rick Taylor, CDR Steve Bryant, lcdr Andrei McArthur, CDR Lyle Ainsworth, lcdr Rob Vohrer, rdml Zarkowski, lcdr Shannon Thompson, CDR(s) Reeco Ceresola, CDR(s) Michael Polito, capt Neil Williams, capt(s) Jeff Chown, capt Tim Pfannenstein.Here are the TR aimd officers : (L to R CWO3 Chad Vance (Tech WO LT Frank Duncan (IM-4 lcdr John Lesemann (mmco CDR Matt Wilcox (MO lcdr Chris Crider (AMO LT Tim Maine (IM-2 LT Mike Mcneal (QAO LT Larry Gazafy (IM-3).Here's the Timog family.Amity (CT) 1: Tyler Vincent, Clark, attack, allentown (NJ) 2: Zach Powdermaker.Admiral Jaynes gave the oath of promotion with many of Nate's family members, friends and colleagues looking.From left to right: CDR(sel) Steve Bryant (AMO School OIC LT Tim Maine (AMO School Instructor LT David Hernandezmejia, ENS Dustin McMinn, ENS Leanna Reuss, ENS Nicholas Koehler, ltjg Michael Gaito, ltjg Matt Martin, ENS Philip.Listed from left to right: ltjg Gloria Ewing (IM-2 LT Kevin Duncan (QAO lcdr Bob Pinski (AMO CDR Mike Morgan (fixo lcdr Ray Hanna (mmco LT Jared Mauldin (IM-3).From left to right: Captain Dall (new PMA-260 ATC Mason, CDR Flores, avcm Evans, lcdr Kamara, lscm Hampton, GySgt Schwegman, lcdr Wells, lcdr Yeiser, GySgt Mangold, Captain Jacobs, SSgt Frabrizio, MSgt Litchfield, lcdr Medford, LT Biddle, atcs Moore, ASC Cook and lcdr Thompson.L to R: CDR Mark Wassil, LT Randy Berti, LT Peter Olsen, ENS Jeffrey Tomaszewski, ENS Jason Martinson, LT Kelly Ann Barber, CDR Rob Caldwell.