Given that these bags were bulky because they contained polystyrene plates and bowls from the chinese casino slots buffet, once again I would consider that to be a compactable trade waste.
Sat 23rd hn Ainsworth aces the 13th, to make it three discrimination payouts australia aces (so far) in July.Email me if you are interested.Just a couple as that's all they need, although one does think that had they drunk them first they might have had more chance of getting through the e Police said the gate was shut when they arrived just ahead of me, so the nice.Various occurrences have happened over the past week, Alan Graystone tries to break the club record of hitting the 9th pylon as many times as possible in a row, only managing 4 before magnificently slicing the ball over the top of myself and Matt Howarth.Eventually, they managed to get it open and seniors exploded in all directions like a champagne bottle wielded by Lewis e mayhem subsided and things returned to normal, well whatever passes for normal on a Tuesday morning.
Probably still better odds that a Joe Silva hole in one I suppose!
10 and 11 were negotiated without too much damage and I stood on the top tee of the 12th in a good frame of mind.
One of John's presents was wrapped so many times, it looked like he had had a solo game of pass the parcel!
Hopefully, we can expand the team numbers a little bit for next year as well.
How complicated can a raffle be? .Captains Awaydays have long been the source of humorous anecdotes on travel, Tim Smith gained the Tag of Squadron Leader after his high speed flight to Woodhall Spa many years ago, Richie, as I recall, did a 250 mile round trip to go.Yes, he did actually ask if he could borrow his own driver.Yes.30am with all the rest of them!(c) what penalties apply to either Tom, or Harry, or both?Dave Holland is out celebrating, as he beat 2 players in the same tournament for the first time in history as Harry and Charlie Lee were eclipsed by his superb 18 points.Tuesday 10th ess what day it niors ual chaos, they jam the coffee machine with their attempts at putting euros or buttons or tap washers into the coin mechanism, and then trundle off out to play golf, with the buggy crowd in attendance for the.So what do you think the chances are then of there being: one group video slot machine online free 100 lions of four all called Ken, another group of four all called Peter.By the time they had vacated the area on Sunday, we had had a visit from some young Evil Kenievels (don't worry, I think my spelling IS correct!) as three people decided to demonstrate their lack of control by doing wheelies and donuts on the.We have used them to great effect before, so we know that they like our soils and that they grow with great speed.He said he got a blinding deal on the tickets, but I'm not convinced that he realises the Olympics are not until the summer, and that the hotel he is booked into is an incomplete athletes village!He has been to the L D for a scan etc, to try and identify what exactly he has done, and he popped in to show me the letter he has received from the L D explaining the circumstances, what action has been taken and.