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#2 Side Bet: Pair Plus Once youve anted up, youll also notice another betting circle on the table which will be labeled Pair Plus.
Two of these circles are used for the games base bets, while the other two are devoted to a pair of optional side bets.The objective of 3 Card Poker is simply to hold a better three card hand than the dealer.In all other situations holding one como bailar salsa casino paso a paso pair of kings, you best way to play slots penny should Raise.Once the game is open, the player is seated at the bottom of the table.Without a pair or better, then you can make a bet win money online free instantly view ads only when your high card is an Ace or a King.If the dealer has a qualifying hand they will compare it with your hand to determine who has the better hand.A winning bet on the Bank is paid 19.
Webb managed to combine the basic elements of blackjack, such as the player versus dealer dynamic and a single base decision which governs the game, with the pure appeal of pokers traditional hand ranking hierarchy.
If you are happy with your total you say no more cards.
Of course, 3 Card Poker also has the advantage that you can play it pretty much anywhere and at any time.When holding T, you should always Fold, except when the dealers upcard is a jack, in which case you should Raise.Another optional side bet you might notice at the 3 Card Poker tables will be labeled Six Card Bonus.With Pair Plus, players will earn 40 to 1 payouts for a straight flush while a 3 of a kind pays 30.The traditional poker hand rankings are used, with three cards rather than five.In all other situations holding one pair of 2s or high, you should always Fold.