I recommend that people stick with one of the motor manufacturer's top- of-the-line oils, no matter what motor they are running.
Ernie suggests that you get some Permatex black silicone.
Other casino slot machine games just for fun than when stationary or at very low speeds, your 348 has light handling that anyone can enjoy with almost no physical effort.
(My press is a crappy.00 Chinese one but did the job fine).The clip is held in place by two ears that are pinched in place.This will also be in conjunction with the gap at the TDC sensor around 8:30 position.Setting it to where you want it can be a bit of a pain in the butt on the 348 because of the singal belt set set." SpeedMoore says "Bring it up to the timing marks on the camshaft, which will/should be.Changes to your car that affect either airflow or fuel into your cylinders will affect your A/F ratio.When you open the door you will see two black allen screws above and to the side of the red door light.To change them requires removal of the camshafts.Consequence: THE breakage OF THE fuel line fitting causes fuelleakage, resulting IN increased risk OF fire IN THE presence oource ofignition.Then after you have taken the car out for a nice Italian tune-up-drive ( the heat will help evaporate moisture that's already penetrated these old units jack up the rear, remove both rear wheels and inner fender liners, unbolt/unplug and pull out both of the.Early 348s may still have the non-updated throwout bearing/slavebody combination which can be disassembled, but parts are unavailable for them.Additionally, you can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited for.99 per month (or.99 a month if you have an Echo device which unlocks tens of millions of songs.
At that point you will to identify which components need replacing such as O2 sensors and cats (preferably with more modern Hyper-Flow converters) before proceeding.
Idle air passage-ways need cleaning.
Thanks, No Doubt If your seat *still* rocks, then you're going to need to remove the side covers on your llowed by tightening 3 screws (shown as #28 in the TB/TS drawing or shown as #67 in the Spider illustration) on each side of each.
People spend more time putting on their pants in the morning (if the engine is already removed from the car and belt removed).
Next, put your 17mm brake-line wrench on the underside of the rubber brake line fitting.
If you are having braking problems such as shimmying/shaking, consider using 600 grit sandpaper to resurface/clean your hubs while you have the rotors off.If you buy them from GM, ACDelco, or some other parts supplier, they will come in a wide variety of boxes.This works most of the time and is very easy.See also: Flywheel Grease Fix *thanks, No Doubt FlyWheel Grease Leak (or transmission fluid leak) Fluid from the ventilated inspection cover of a 348 (see above) often means that some component (e.g.Motor manufacturers design the engines and do the most testing because of the sheer number of outboards they run every year.The same test for the left bank (5/8) uses relay "C" and fuse.TC-W3 procedures only mix one sample with a reference oil.I bought a new 20 laser thermometer (for sale at Radio Shack and other such places).The gas pedal was limp with no tension whatsoever.Bleeding the clutch can fix some transmission grinding problems as well as solve some hard-shifting issues.7) Undo the connection for the speedometer sensor.Again remember to count the half turns, and only adjust half a turn at a time.Quickly figure out that this way works just as well.

Contact Cigarini Flavio in parts at or fax email This guy is really helpful, speaks english ok and is happy to ship stateside!