Real Time, game Clock.
Returning on successive days gives an increasingly better bonus on days 2-5, after which the bonus resets.Allegedly Free Game, Bribing Your Way to Victory, and, loot Box that is ubiquitous to them.Puzzle Craft 2 gives you free coins, influence or runes every day you log into the game and logging in 30 days in a row unlocks a special cattle type that can't be unlocked in any other manner.Additionally, the Daily win real cash for free play games Bonus screen offers a special deal not available anywhere play for real money casinos real else, and that special deal changes daily.Once per day, you can play it to gather practice badges that can earn you free plays at the real machines.Spiral Knights likes this trope: Everything important you can do in Spiral Knights is linked to Energy.Others have a chance of giving the coveted Star Card Pack Number 5, which is guaranteed to give you one of three items that can increase your drop rate.
The webgames created by fifth planet games ( Legacy of a Thousand Suns, Legacy Of Heroes.) offer a daily reward on a 7-days basis: for the best reward, you have to play 7 days in a row.
As well as daily rewards to encourage regular play, you get punished for being offline too long in any of the following ways: You accumulate turns, adventures, action points or whatever the game calls them, which cap once they reach a certain value.
Note Basically, you can plant various crops on a field next to your home, but unlike everything else in the game, these crops grow in 'real time which means that the best way to get a quick harvest is to plant, go to sleep, and return.Phantasy Star Online 2 has several levels of rewarding daily play.If you maintain the streak for seven days, the seventh day will increase the bonus XP/Stardust to 2000 and the items from the Pok├ęstop will be greatly increased (including at least one evolution-related item, which are otherwise extremely rare).In Kingdom is smoking allowed in casinos Hearts, you get rewards for each day you log in, typically in the form of the premium currency of jewels.You can busk on the streets but that is not recommended since it can make your character ill if they do it long enough.The more consecutive days you log in, the better the reward.And this isn't a game you can play on a tablet either.Nier uses this with the 'cultivation' section - though it isn't really very obvious about it, so it might take you a bit of time to even realize.Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has an interesting variation: Every day whether you log in or not, you are given a random daily quest that you can either complete that day, or save it up in your quest log to complete some other time.World of Warcraft offers daily quests, which provide you with gold.The most you can get is two per day (and you only get the second one if you haven't been playing for more than three days) so checking every day is the best way to.Filling the sheet with five passwords nets you a can of Ritzy Bitz free of charge and gives you a new sheet to fill.The trick is to buy a card under the value of the Buy It Now (BIN) price that you can lookup in-game manually.