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You can check out some of our other guides for the game, like our in-depth strategy guide on how to win, as well as our guide to finding all the possible car spawns in the game.
Unfortunately, there isnt currently any real use for the gas mask.
Whether this will change in the future or not is unclear, but for not these items are purely cosmetic.
Once you have earned a Pioneer Crate, the next crate becomes more expensiveoftentimes doubling in pricerequiring you to earn even more BP to unlock.A: Launch pubg, head to 'store click on 'ADD bonus / gift code' on the top right of the screen and enter the code.A: You can either win it by a giveaway or you buy a code from a third-party site (Don't get scammed by a fake code/retailer).Pubg Halloween is live on both PC and Xbox One, it's.The, pGI Title Set (community event collection) is an exclusive crate.If you're interested in playing these and a whole bunch of other fun custom modes, come get involved on the Subreddit Discord!At the time of this writing, players can purchase the Gas Mask off of the Steam Market for around.00, with the lowest listings dropping down.35.But, how do you get the gas mask, and what does it do?
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Or the final circle is just vehicles and grenades?!
Like many of the cosmetic items in the game, the Gas Mask is acquired through Pioneer Crates, or by purchasing it off of the Steam Marketplace.Q: I got a code to redeem this, what do I do next?PGI (pubg Global Invitational) 2018.Well go over everything in this article, so sit back, relax, and get your gay black roulette notes ready.Tune into your favorite streamers and keep an eye on social channels for your chance at a code for this set.The rarity level of the loot within always rises with each consecutive crate level, though, allowing you to get better cosmetic items as you unlock higher tiered crates.From playerunknown'S battlegrounds Wiki, jump to: navigation, search, the PGI Title Set is a discontinued crate.These crates can be obtained by earning various amounts of BP, or Battleground Points, which are awarded at the end of matches, depending on how well you did in that match.While some players have speculated that it may hold a purpose in the future, right now its just another cosmetic item that players can use to make their player character look unique.One item that many players have asked about is how to get the gas mask in PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, a cosmetic item that players can equip to cover their face.Currently the gear doesnt appear to have any real use in the game, aside from providing ways to make your player character look different from other players characters.Metadata, x29L3mobg1 metadata, how do i use the code?Crate items, upon opening the crate, you get all these items in the PGI Title Set.