They can agree on a specific payout based on their chip-stack and end the game).
In such seminole tribe casino a tournament, as the name implies, the last standing person would win all of the prize pool.However, a tournaments can be a winner-take-all game if the host has set it.Usually, the winner of the tourney will get about 30-50 of the total money and the rest of the payouts will decline quickly.However, everyone must agree before it can be done.6 player tournament - 2 players paid.
Players can change the payout however they want.
Poker Tournament Payout structure depends mostly on the number of entrants.
Online poker websites have different payouts from each other too.
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For a short-handed (6 people) tourney, the most common payout is 60 / 40 to the top 2 people.There ar different ways to do this.Place Number of players. 5.5.5 4.5 8 3.5.5 2 Freezeout Tournament Prizes (Top 3 Cash).Place, payout player tournament - 5 players paid.They can still put some money aside for the final winner as an extra prize.It represents a certain percentage of the money in the pot online casino paypal 750 (the money taken from all the tournament entrants Tournament Entrants, position Paid, prize 1 5, first place 100.Finish 100,000 Buy-In 10,000 Buy-In 1,000 Buy-In 1st place 2,500,000 250,000 25,000 2nd place 1,500,000 150,000 15,000 3rd place 800,000 80,000 8,000 4th place 600,000 60,000 6,000 5th place 400,000 40,000 4,000 6th place 200,000 20,000 2,000 120-Player Freezeout Tournament Prizes (Top 12 Cash) Finish.If you are playing a game with inexperienced players it might be better to have a more flat payout structure to reward marginal players - if most players keep losing then they may stop playing to your games.The prize section is in percentage format.

Finish 100,000 Buy-In 10,000 Buy-In 1,000 Buy-In 1st place 600,000 60,000 6,000 2nd place 350,000 35,000 3,500 3rd place 250,000 25,000 2,500 36-Player Freezeout Tournament Prizes (Top 5 Cash).
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