Guide lead length and position of the body on the chassis mounts may be adjusted.
All of the body parts that come with the allowed models as described above must be used.
Helmet: hard plastic, resin, painting: Design is free, but should be contemporary to the decade of the selected body.The minimum weight for the body with the body mounts and fixing screws attached is: 58 grams for all body styles.No modified motors allowed, any motor showing signs of modification must be replaced with a new purchased motor from See you at the Races.#All chassis related parts need to be in news anchor huge pokies a standard condition.We Accept All Major Credit Cards and PayPal.The ground clearance will be measured under the entire RTR car with all four wheels sitting flat on the tech block.Please remember if it is not mentioned it means it is not allowed.
#The axles, T-Shafts, braids, cables, screws and nuts are free.
Note: #Only required screws are allowed to mount chassis parts and body.
Also a small piece of foam rubber can be glued to the inside of the rear wing uprights to help strengthen this connection.
Outside diameter) 109.00 20580 outside uphill rush 2 hacked money game shoulder - high banked curve 4/15 (12).00 20583 connecting section FOR multi lane extension.00 20584 power input cable.5.
Any other repair should be shown to the Race Director and approved or fixed by repairing or replacing parts.
The original MSC or Scaleauto logo on the bottom face of the main chassis plate must be clearly visible and the finish of the main plate and all parts must be as supplied from the Manufacturer.
These parts for the Scaleauto NR-2 chassis are allowed for races: - SC-8401 Chassis SC-NR2 ground plate - SC-8402a Chassis SC-NR2 front sub frame Center bar Carbon - SC-8402b Chassis SC-NR2 front sub frame Carbon modern - SC-8403a Chassis SC-NR2 front axle arms Carbon.#The Chassis ground plate SC8401 cannot protrude more than 2mm from the widest point of the body also no more than 2mm in front of the side pods when viewed from above.Item, description, price, how to win snuckls jackpot carrera slot cars, digital accessories - evolution AND exclusive 20760.This includes after a crash, if any part of the car is lost to allow the chassis to be visible it must be repaired immediately under green track conditions at the Technical table.Once Rear tires have been handed out the car and all tires are under Race Control, tires must be fitted at the Technical table then handed in to Race Control. .