gunfights, explosions, bloody bullet squibs.
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After he arrests two teens for stealing a purse, she sets them free rather than sending them to a reformatory.Instead, they just layer-on one gunfight or car chase after another until we get to the conclusion, where the entire town of Granite Lake is destroyed one building at a time, as Jack, Harper and Julie battle the never-ending supply of Nelson's goons (including Santiago.A scientist named Hardy invents a new type of explosive With this type of formula, people can blow up mountains without any danger!" What?While not as action-packed or explosion-heavy as most Filipino actioners of the period, director/screenwriter Frances "Jun" Posadas ( they call HIM bruce LEE - 1979; wild cats attack!The alien city visited by Clarke and Carver later in the game is reminiscent of the one described in At the Mountains of Madness, which too is hidden by snow and ice and was constructed with Alien Geometries.Schmeer, who was also this film's Cinematographer but soon finds out that the Colonel used him to get the 76 million in bonds that Bigelow kept in a briefcase (Doesn't anyone keep money in safes anymore?).When Brown comes home and sees the carnage, he vows revenge and, boy, does he get it!Also starring Tony Roccosta, Malcolm Duff, Louis Walser, Cynthia Cindy and Nike Anderson.
Billy becomes the star attraction of the Cage Cable Network, a brutal fighting corporation (which now, unlike the first film, seems perfectly legal) owned by Tin Lum Yin (James Shigata the chief bad guy in Part 1, who was supposedly crushed to death by Billy.
Frequent Santiago collaborator Joe Mari Avellana's script is nothing special, but the acting by a cast thailand lottery magazine of Santiago regulars makes it all bearable.
Merill is convicted of murder and is sentenced to spend the rest of his life on a remote island prison.
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They've effectively toppled EarthGov, their devout encompasses over half of the human population, and they field an entire fleet of ships.Do him!" over and over) for dipping his nose in the company stash.This Spanish/French/Italian action film, directed by Antonio Isasi ( vengeance - 1976 is a halfway decent time-waster, if you can get past Chris Mitchum's wooden, monotone line readings.Rome: armed TO THE teeth was released under two titles in the.S., both by Terry Levine for his Aquarius Releasing company.Yo u stupid asshole!" It's not Shakespeare, that's for sure.France, in the head to prove he means business).Terry has a diminutive brother named Mike (Dawie Malan who is estranged from mother Josephine, probably due to her hands-on approach to managing Terry's career (even though Mike is officially Terry's manager) and her indifferent treatment of him.but Rainmaker manages to escape by helicopter.Broke and penniless, Jayne is forced to move in with one of her girlfriends, while McGee and Morelli cut a bloody path throughout.A.

Luca then calls Dave and Frank and tells them to come to the sawmill, to embarass Do Vito (Dave shoots Don Vito's two men in the kneecaps to prove he means business.