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I first learned of this technique from these articles.
Return result; / Vcc in millivolts Usage Checking Vcc or Battery Voltage You can call this function readVcc if you want to monitor your Vcc.You could also use it to determine if you are connected to a power source or running from batteries.Vcc is completely untrustworthy in most play igt casino games online cases.Here is example code illustrating the problem: double Vcc.0; / not necessarily true int value analogRead(0 double volt (value / 1023.0) * Vcc; / only correct if Vcc.0 volts.Improving Accuracy While the large tolerance of the internal.Secret Arduino Voltmeter Measure Battery Voltage by Provide Your Own is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.0 International License.The choice of the internal reference is inexpensive and stable, but most of the time, we would like to measure a broader range, so the Vcc reference is the most practical, but potentially the least accurate.
Most AVR chips provide three possible sources an internal.
Solving for Vcc, we get: Vcc.
Calculate the value of Vcc.That means that any measurement of Vcc could be off by as much.If our power supply is not perfectly regulated or if we are running on battery power, this voltage can vary quite a bit.Also, when battery powered, Vcc is not going to.0 volts, so if we wish to make analog measurements we need to either use the internal voltage reference.You can measure your battery voltage or even see if you are running on battery or A/C power.

Our measured voltage is: Vcc * (ADC-measurement) / 1023 which as we know.
Then, replace the constant 1125300L with a new constant: scale_constant internal1.1Ref where internal1.1Ref.
In order to measure analog voltage accurately, we need an accurate voltage reference.