For the dragonflies, use twigs, leaves, beads, rubber bands, and floral wire.
Reminiscing: Was It Fact or mango popsicle red hot poker plant Rumor?After painting the circles black, allow them to dry before using the white colored pencil to draw no deposit scratch cards and slots the constellations.Yeah, I totally ripped off the Terminator films for that heading.Not only that, Pure Barre brought a community of women into her life that empowered and supported her.One-on-One: Toe-Tapping to Satchmo Play music by Louis Armstrong so you and your resident can tap toes while listening on this first day of the Satchmo SummerFest, an annual jazz music festival celebrating Louis Armstrong in New Orleans, Louisiana.Reminiscing: Best Neighbors Ever Reminisce with residents about their best neighbors on this first of the Benton Neighbor Days in Benton, Missouri.
Exercise: Picking Flowers Lead residents outdoors to pick fresh flowers for the Crafts activity of making floral crowns.
Before the activity, recruit volunteers to use rulers to draw a configuration of lines in six squares on a piece of paper.
To play, place the Twister mat on the floor, and have jackpot 311 residents try to toss bean bags so that they land on the color that they spun.
One-on-One: Laundry Sachets In recognition of this day that the home sewing machine was patented, assist your resident with hand-sewing laundry sachets that can be used to keep her laundry smelling fresh like lavender.
And if I hadnt gone through my bad times, I wouldnt have that habit today.
But its equally unhealthy to blame yourself for everything.(And if 11 Diary Entries From My Worst Years and, how I Put Anxiety In Its Place are anything to go by, facing my past seems to be something my readers find valuable.).Then use glue to attach the leaves to colored twigs.Open in Flushing Meadows, New York.Use colorful felt, googly eyes, glue, and cardstock for the project.I can always rely on you guys to help me get my priorities right.Reminiscing: Remembering The Ten Commandments On this birthday of Hollywood producer Cecil.Use old, pretty recycled pillowcases, dried lavender, colorful embroidery thread, and a needle for the project.But on the plus side, at least I had people looking out for my interests.Share a few fun facts about the Texas native.Sensory Stimulation: Corn Pudding Chefs Invite residents to assist you with preparing corn pudding in honor of this first day of the Sun Prairie's Sweet Corn Festival in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.Back to Activity Calendar 22 Be an Angel Day, a day to serve someone else with one small act Birthday: John Lee Hooker, blues musician (1917) Birthday: Samuel Langley, American astronomer (1834) Mormon Choir first performed (1847) National Eat a Peach Day Crafts: Paper Clip.Sensory Stimulation: Jingle Makers Pass out jingle bells, pencils, and pipe cleaners for residents to make jingle sticks in honor of this day that commercials and their fun jingles were first broadcast on the radio.Three days before the activity, soak wooden craft sticks in water and leave them there for two days.

DeMille, reminisce with residents about one of his most popular movies, The Ten Commandments (1956) starring Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner.