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Join our mailing list, for regular updates on stock please subscribe below.There is also a possibility of tilting the ram up to 15 degrees on both the sides from vertical permitting sun and moon casino game video the machining of dies with relief.Hydraulic mechanism, hydraulic powered ram of a slotter.Productivity and process capability of slotting machines are very poor and hence employed mostly for piece production involving maintenance and repair work in small industries.Types of Slotters, the slotting machines can fall into any of the following three types: Puncher Slotter, production Slotter, tool room Slotter.Slotter in a workshop, shaping.
Daewoo puma 350MB CNC Lathe with Driven Tooling.
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The puncher slotters are heavy duty machines equipped with powerful motor.
Possibility of changing speeds and feeds during operation.Quick return ratio usually varies between 2:1 and the practical limit is 3:2.Subscribe to full mailing list to receive by 1st class post.The job is generally supported on a round table that has a rotary feed in addition to the usual table movements in cross-directions.Thus the work table can be given transverse, longitudinal or rotary movement.Remember, we want you as a lifetime customer.But, slotters are also used in high volume operations like steel rolling mills, paper mills, power plants, ship building, textile factories, tool rooms, and repair shops.You can call, email, or text us at any time with questions!Slotters are generally specified in terms of the maximum length of a stroke.Providing a constant speed all over the stroke.Ram speeds usually vary from 2 to 40m/min.Click for more information about our warranty.The mechanism of slotter should be designed in such a way that the ram should move slowly during the cutting stroke and should move fast during the return stroke, thereby the idle time of the machine is reduced.