I spotted the actor, called Jasper, who had commented on my blog earlier.
The next few weeks I played like a maniac.
And when an recovering gambling addict tilts, it's of the dangerous kind.
I ended up writing about prostitutes in poker, and the headline for the article was "SuckMyAAs".Leak Buster : Developed by a team of winning professional poker players, for poker players at all stake levels, it expertly guides you to fixing your most costly poker leaks.I pretty much only played against the toughest regs.To my knowledge, it never happened.Soon after, flush against two pair.I just needed some help.Im talking about 10K hands per day!
He was also a regular poster on 22, but I've forgotten what his name there was.
When it took him another day or two to get back to me, I got increasingly worried and paranoid.
The first thing I remember feeling was a mixture of numbness and freedom.That's not all or anywhere near it, but I didn't want to make the cliff notes too long.You are in love with poker, cant stop playing.He was an Ongame reg at those stakes, which I of course didn't know at the time.I took another loan from another company, and lost it all again.I don't know; I know it doesn't taking "figuring".Effneasy, 11:59 PM # 6 eyescrew poker hand ranking images Carpal 'Tunnel Join Date: Mar 2008 Location: types of gambling games 10 Irrational Lakers lover Posts: 11,563 Re: My somewhat different poker story (extremely tl;dr) eyescrew, 12:01 AM # 7 BenderB centurion Join Date: Jul 2011 Location: IL Posts: 143 Re: My somewhat different.While I wasn't able to save as much as I originally thought, I had a great life.

I smiled and walked away, knowing I'd be making so much more playing poker.
So tilted was I about this 100 buy-in downswing, that I threw the note into the garbage bin.