What good does it do to warn people to (1) wash their hands, (2) stay out of swimming pools, (3) stay away from polio patients, (4) call a doctor when symptoms appear etc.
That so-called Preventative Medicine Does Not Prevent Disease but Inflicts Serious Complications, Lifelong Diseases, if Not Death has been proven repeatedly, and that Justice Is Not Rendered In All Cases and In All Courts has also been demonstrated.
The Honolulu Advertiser on July 15, 1958, carried a statement play free casino slots 100 lions by Doctor Enright of the Territorial Department of Health as follows: "Of the 32 discovered paralytic polio cases so far this year, six had had three Salk shots; six had had two shots; four had.THE nature OF vaccines AND THE dangers AND serious complications that follow serumization All vaccines and serums are foreign proteins and therefore a virulent poison."Most collection groups meet all tsosie's slot canyon tours the standards of the Bureau.Time, the Weekly News Magazine, p 57, Section on Medicine, Aug.He also admitted that there were 10 other cases in which death followed closely after vaccination.Last Summer, some 440,000 children of a group of 1,500,000 had their clean blood streams contaminated by this monkey-juice which had not even been laboratory testedlet alone clinically tried out.How to deliver your research surveys.It may result in constitutional debility, degeneration, chronic disease, and death.Four days after the vaccination the arm became very sore and swollen; inflammation spread over the shoulder and up the neck to the back of her ear.This case will hurt Tennessee ar more than it will.It is to be hoped that this information will help you to gain a broader view of the subject that will help you to reverse your decision on this life and death issue.
Chauven, in an address before the French Academy of medicine, October, 1891, reviewed the results of his years of detailed and carefully tested experiments.
As we go to press these communications had apparently been thrown in the heralds big waste basket, kept for just such purposes.
The new Board of Directors introduced two features into the activities of the Society: get more money from the public and have an exclusively laymans society distribute funds for research.
9 Cowpox is independent of time and place; communicated only by direct inoculation.
At Harrogate, (England) among many others confesses to a change of heart on the vaccination question in this statement: "I believed that vaccination prevented smallpox."In May some state public health officers met in Atlanta, expecting to be told what had gone wrong with the vaccine program.The two other victims reported both with mild forms of paralysis had not received Salk shots.Many newspapers have dutifully used them as headlines, qualifying for an increase in their" of national advertising.Other causes OF polio poisons IN cola drinks polio AND pregnancy suicide diet served TO hospital patients ARE physicians ON THE "cola" PAY bitcoin pool minimum payout roll?"Vaccination is the most outrageous insult that can be offered to any pure-minded man or woman.And in the Tenth, and all subsequent editions of the Encyclopaedia Britannica his account is missing.

The word cure has also been taken over by the medical trust as its private property and drugless doctors and writers have been barred from the mails and persecuted in other ways for teaching how nature cures or for using or speaking of a cure.