3.7 On registration for an Online Auction Bidders will be added to the Companys mailing list for the purposes of notification of future sales by email.
Every time a Bid is placed within ten minutes or less left in the Online Auction an additional ten minutes Bidding time is added until there are no more Bids.
The Company makes no representation and accepts no liability whatsoever to any Buyer scratch off or lottery ticket in respect of the issuance or validity of any exportation or importation permits or the existence and exercise of exportation or importation regulations or any compulsory purchasing regimes.
7.3 If the Seller has rescinded the Sale and the Lot has been resold by the Auctioneer and/or the Company or by the Seller, the Buyer shall reimburse the Seller with any shortfall where:-.3.1 the resale price less the Sale price; and.3.2 the.6.7 Buyers should co-operate regarding order of removal of Lots in order to comply with the Clearance Date and Time.6.4 The Buyer may not remove any Lot until the Buyer has:-.4.1 paid by cleared funds all amounts payable pursuant to General Condition 5 above in full; and.4.2 if requested by the Company produced satisfactory evidence to the Company that the Buyer has.Catalogue the catalogue incorporating these General Conditions and the Special Conditions; "Clearance Date and Time" the date and time on which all Lots must be removed by the Buyer from the Location as specified in the Special Conditions; The Company Boulton Vehicles Ltd T/A Bpi.4.8 The Auctioneer shall in every other respect decide how the Auction is to be conducted and without being required to give a reason.6.20 The Buyer shall indemnify the Company and the Seller against any loss, damages, expenses, claims or liabilities arising directly or indirectly from the possession or use of the Lot after title to the Lot has passed to the Buyer but before it is removed.Overseas Buyers will receive a fully descriptive invoice in order that they may arrange payment as soon as possible with the Companys bank.5.5 Until the Buyer has fully complied with its obligations in this General Condition 5:-.5.1 title to any Lot bought shall not pass to the Buyer;.5.2 the Seller shall have a lien over any Lot bought by the Buyer in the Auction;.5.3.
The Buyers Premium is not negotiable and is payable by all Buyers.
The Bidder warrants that he has the authority of his principal to make each Bid made.
6.11 When removing any Lot from the Location the Buyer shall, or shall procure that its removal contractors shall:.11.1 carry out a full assessment of Lot, the Location and the land or buildings to which the Lot is fixed to assess the risks associated.
All sums payable under the General Conditions and these Special Conditions are exclusive of any applicable VAT for which the Buyer shall be additionally liable to pay to the Company.
About 71 of these are coin operated games, 1 are other gambling products, and 1 are vending machines.
If a Bidder wishes to stop receiving such notifications they can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of each email.There is a third party interest that comes to light) then the Auctioneer shall be entitled to immediately rescind that Sale without any further liability to the Auctioneer and/or Company or the Seller.These General Conditions, the Special Conditions and any terms set out in the Catalogue shall together comprise the "Conditions of Sale".6.10 The Buyer and/or his removal contractor must liaise with the Companys site representative prior to commencing dismantling/removal of a Lot from the Location and must at all times comply with its obligations under clause.11 below.4.6 No Bid shall be retracted without the consent of the Auctioneer.4.12 The Buyer shall be the person who made the highest Bid before the conclusion of the Sale pursuant to General Condition.11 above subject to approval and acceptance by the Company, the Auctioneers and the Seller or such other Bidder as the Auctioneer and.8.7 The Buyer agrees that the General Conditions and the exclusions which they contain are fair and reasonable bearing in mind that:-.7.1 the Buyer must rely absolutely on the Buyers own opinion and/or professional advice concerning the quality, state, condition, performance and functionality.Employers Liability Cover - limit Ten Million Pounds (10,000,000 the Company reserves the right to vary the level of insurance cover stated above at any time, as and when required.Identity of the Parties.1.Overseas Buyers: Overseas Buyers should ensure that the country to which the items are destined:- holds no import restrictions on the goods to be purchased; has no import licence restrictions or a restriction on currency allocation; has no prolonged inspection procedure which might cause excess.VAT Payments and Returns: All overseas Buyers (EU and non EU) will be charged VAT at the current rate on each Lot purchased.Org room /a online free keno game a can i download icp big money hustlas movie /a partypoker firewall a horse casino az /a poker order of suits a casino /a free bejewelled game online a rapids mi bar deal /a n,.Credit cards will only be accepted for deposit payments referred to under the Deposit section above.

Payments in cash of more than 7,500 will not, in any circumstances, be accepted.
4.5 The Company may sell any Lot by private treaty or tender before or after the Auction.
8.6 The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the Company is acting only as agent of the Seller and it is expressly agreed and declared that no personal liability in connection with the Sale of any Lot or otherwise shall fall on the Company and the.