uif payout for the period of 2years

Is there a what are the lotto results for tonight UIF Ombudsman?
This was provided all in one day.This is so stupid really.What is the point of claiming maternity uif.I anyone can reply it will be greatly appreciated.Please help me my case number is 850621 and my number.
To this day I'm still I'm still doing a follow up on my case I haven't found any help I don't know where to go now.
What may be the problem because i shaft card game am expecting the payment after 3days, i was not told if there was any mistake when i was at the labour offices but instead i was given the 3rd free play slot machine for fun 88 return date.
Im a single mother of three children and i currently have no income i was depending on that money until i find another job, I've been job seeking but i still havent anything yet.Not even sure this root that we took, will help us solving the issue.Mr Links's cell phone number.Late UIF payment, i have not yet received my second payment and I signed on the.11 last week Tuesday and never been so long waiting.ID number email address - Contact number stoffel Send email Aug 22, 2018 Compensation claim for injury on duty not paid since 2013 Mr Daniel John Links, Claim no - H30076433 was injured on duty on 18 February 2013.Good day, my name is Zakhele Hlongwane I'm unemployed for a year and on the I opened a case regarding my U19 and I've been doing a follow up since then to this day, I haven't found any help.My point is you guys you do not know what i am going through not being able to pay for a place to stay and being kicked out because you did not fullfil the arrangement you made with the landlord and on the other hand.I will aprreciate it if you can give me feedback or update on this matter.I applied for maternity uif on the 2nd of October and recieved payment on the 15th october which is R139.17 i have been working for many years and have never claimed.this amount is what i contribute a month i have handed in the ui19 from.Aai am so pissed.