uno attack card game

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When a player discards all cards, the round is over.Game play continues in the same direction it was moving.When you have only one card left, you must yell UNO!Then play continues as normal, with slot machine names manufacturers the chosen color being what must be played on the discard pile.Two "Reverses" of each color.Contents, mechanical Card Launcher edit original research?If cards shoot out, then you add these cards to your hand and your turn is over.It includes 112 (106 in the later versions) cards as well as a mechanical card launcher.Here is what each card means in detail: Reverse - Simply reverse direction of play.Skip cards are especially advantageous if the person that would be skipped is almost ready to call out, "Uno." Skipping that player will then prevent him from going out before you are able.Skip The next player loses new casinos coming to vegas his or her turn.
The "Wild Hit Fire" card is best used when the player next to you has a small hand or when you need to change the color of the game.
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Incorporates a card launcher into the game play, making the game more fast-paced and unpredictable.
Reverse, Skip, Hit Points each.
Skip - The next player to play loses his/her turn and is skipped.
Any player making a card suggestion to another player must hit the Launcher button four times, instead of drawing two penalty cards as in the original.
Was this page useful?Reversing the direction of the game will immediately bring the play back to the player who just played, and if that player has nothing left, he will be forced to draw cards until he has something to play.Wild All Hit Like other wild cards, when the Wild All Hit card is played, the person who played it calls a color, then each player must press the Launcher button once.As many as 12 cards have been known to shoot out.Game Play, as in the original Uno, Uno Attack rules state that each player is dealt 7 cards by the dealer.Hit 2: the player to the left of the dealer must hit the launcher button twice and take any cards provided and place them in his or her hand.Uno Attack is a twist on the original Uno game that requires a special Uno deck and a special card launcher.Skip, playing a skip card means that the next player to have a turn must be skipped.The players then must add any cards to their hands that shoot out from the launcher.Play continues as normal with the next player, with the chosen color being what must be played on the discard pile.A player may choose not to play a playable card in their hand.The remaining cards are placed face down inside the launcher.

One "Trade Hands" of each color Four "Wilds".
This is known as "Reneging.".
The person playing the card calls any color to continue play.