Unfortunately, I have one of those personalities that gets addicted to buying packs.
The third pro that I will mention for Warhammer Invasion is that each of the races plays differently.
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All deluxe expansion provide three copies of each unique card, except for Assault on Ulthuan, which contains 1, 2, or 3 copies of each card, similar to the core set.I could continue playing it, but I don't feel like it has brought something entirely new to the table.Scale: Depending on the card; single characters, single Buildings, groups of soldiers.The first pro for Warhammer Invasion is that it is a Living Card Game.The biggest con that I have for Warhammer Invasion is that it really didn't have a very unique feel.Join 145 other followers, game, type: Card Game (Living Card Game, collectible and customizable).Unfortunately, since I don't know anybody that actively plays the game, my hope for being able to enter a tournament is basically non-existant; and so I will probably wind up getting rid of my cards. .Each zone has a base defense of 8, which may be modified with cards.
Each unit has a power rating that adds to the zone they are played into.
Whereas, if you place your units in the battlefield, they really serve only as attackers - but if you don't play any attackers, you can't possibly win the game.
This would have also kept me in the game long enough for them to further develop the 4 base races as well as the races that they introduced in the expansion sets.
Another con that I had for Warhammer (that I have heard was fixed in later expansions) is that they don't give you all the cards needed to build the deck however you want.(The Corruption Cycle, however, was printed under a different format, so each pack has three copies of 10 cards and one copy of 10 other cards.).Therefore, LCG's are a great way that I can still enjoy all of the elements of deck construction, playing the game, having tournaments, etc, without having to worry about how many packs I will wind up buying or how much I will spend on the.Card Game DB, pages.All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.