Mesothelioma (Amendment) Bill, House of Lords debate, Hansard, 20 November 2015.
Unions NSW news release Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia Risks 533 26 November 2011 Britain: Cases highlight college asbestos dangers An asbestos related death in a college cleaner, a secretary in a university science department who also succumbed to an asbestos cancer and the prosecution.
In a second, Unite secured 147,000 for the family of a former refinery forklift driver who died aged 72 of the same cancer.
Britain: Disturbed asbestos risk in many schools Asbestos has been disturbed in schools in a way that could affect the health of staff and pupils on at least 90 separate occasions in the last five years.The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) told Chippenham Magistrates' Court that DB Construction (West Wilts) Ltd carried out unsafe work while refurbishing a house in Bradford-on-Avon between 29 November and 10 December 2010.Ustralia: New asbestos walk out at Opera House renovation Electrical workers have stopped work on the massive renovation of the Sydney Opera House, refusing to continue with the installation of cabling after receiving confirmation that potentially deadly asbestos had again been located in work areas.Canada: Asbestos-related cancers cost billions A first-ever estimate of the toll of asbestos-related cancers on Canadian society pegs the cost of new cases.7-billion (1bn) per year in Canada, and notes this is probably an under-estimate.The Asbestos Victims Support Groups Forum says the scheme is flawed, excluding those suffering from asbestosis, pleural thickening and asbestos-related lung cancer.Mines and Mining Development deputy minister, Fred Moyo, said: We are not getting investors for SMM and it seems to be a big problem largely because the market for asbestos is not looking good.CWU members at the Kirkby office walked out after suspected asbestos was discovered bingos y complementos electronicos while contractors were renovating the building.Elizabeth Wolff, 69, from Kilmarnock, lodged a claim for damages after her former construction worker husband William, 66, died from mesothelioma in March 2007.Since January 2010, Unite members and their families in the region have received.5m asbestos compensation.Poland Sees First Nuclear Energy Production Around 2030.
James Hannaway, 68, the sole director of The Alpha Cinema (St Albans) Limited was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after he allowed refurbishment of the derelict multiscreen cinema to begin in 2010 without proper checks for asbestos.
Birmingham Specialities Ltd pleaded guilty to a criminal safety offence and was fined 20,000 and ordered to pay costs of 2,454.40.
Mohit Gupta of the Occupational and Environmental Health Network of India says Charest is dismissing Indians as second-class citizens.
14 November 2015 Britain: Dying military veterans denied asbestos justice British veterans who develop terminal cancer caused by asbestos exposure during their military service are being unfairly treated by the Ministry of Defence (MoD the burning questions of bingo brown summary campaigners and victims have claimed.
St Albans Magistrates Court heard how Ace of Hearts Home Improvement Limited (AOH) removed asbestos containing materials (ACM) from a domestic property in St Albans.
UK HPR1000 Moves To Next Design Assessment Stage.Brenda Waddell, 61, developed the disease after being exposed to asbestos at the then Grimsby College, where she worked as a cleaner from 1984 to 2007.Leigh Day Solicitors news release.30 September 2017 USA: Deadly rise in US asbestos imports Asbestos imports to the US nearly doubled in 2016, reversing a long-term decline, latest figures have shown.MoD health and safety forms.Graham Dring v Cape Distribution Limited, Cape Intermediate Holdings Limited, Concept 70 Limited (and others) Aviva Plc, 5 December 2017.The Daily Mirrors Kevin Maguire notes: Even workers gasping for final breaths are targets to be short-changed by Tory toff David Cameron.The retired carpenter, whose name has not been released, was employed in various prisons between 19 where he carried out maintenance work on prison buildings.Britain: Military veterans to quality for asbestos lump sums Military veterans with mesothelioma can now receive lump sum payments of 140,000, after the Ministry of Defence (MoD) revised compensation rules.

Asbestos protest at Canada House, Trafalgar Square, London 10am to 12 noon, Event details Risks 461 Canada: Deathbed reprieve for killer industry?
Action Mesothelioma Day and events listing.
Darlington Magistrates Court heard how the company was notified of the presence of asbestos materials discovered during a survey in 2006.