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"Once again, Bryan Bergeron proves that he is ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding the value of customer relationships.
Cost Control for the Hospitality Industry, 2nd Edition.Newman, Senior Managing Director, The Blackstone Group "Stuart Gilson?Torn apart inner-city communities, forty years in, the tough on crime turn in American politics has spurred a prison boom of historic proportions that disproportionately affects Black communities.What is new is the shorter time frames that now dominate the organizational landscape.Bergeron has done a superb job of presenting the breadth, complexity, and nature of CRM.Essentials of CRM: A Guide to Customer Relationship Management (Essentials Series).
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Emphasis on critical thinking and managerial decision-making.
Gilson goes far beyond the legal framework of bankruptcy resolution to show how industry-specific.Strategies for Cost-Effective E-Business ERP Implementation?This remarkable book is geared not only toward corporate executives with mega-investments in CRM, but can also be successfully applied to the street corner vendor.One of today's most original thinkers turns our view of the world upside down.Freakonomics: A Roque Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything.What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common?He exposes in forensic detail both the formal government-to-government trade in arms and the shadow world of illicit weapons dealing - and lays bare the shocking and inextricable links between the two.

As arrest"s and high tech surveillance criminalize entire blocks, a climate of fear and suspicion pervades daily life, not only for young men entangled in the legal system, but for their family members and working neighbors.
Based on path-breaking reporting and unprecedented access to top-secret information and major players in the weapons business, including arms dealers who have never been interviewed before, The Shadow World places us in the midst of the arms trade's dramatic wheeling and dealing, ranging from corporate.